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Poland May Become A Green Hydrogen Tycoon

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Central.

This is the first two paragraphs.

In 2050, Poland may become one of the most competitive producers of green hydrogen in the European Union. In addition, we could export it to other countries, using the already existing infrastructure – e.g. the Yamal gas pipeline.

According to analysts of the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), in the next three decades Poland could become a very competitive producer of green hydrogen. Particularly economically beneficial in Polish conditions would be the production of hydrogen based on energy from onshore wind energy.


  1. The Yamal pipeline comes all the way from Siberia.
  2. The Baltic pipeline will connect Norway and Poland.
  3. Poland currently has over 7 GW of wind power.
  4. Wikipedia says this “In 2019, wind was the second most important source of electricity produced in Poland, after coal, and accounted for about 10% of the electricity production.”
  5. I have been to quite a few parts of Poland and it seems that it can be flat and windy.
  6. 1.2 GW of offshore wind is under development near Slupsk.

I very much feel that the conclusion of the article could be right.

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  1. […] Poland May Become A Green Hydrogen Tycoon. […]

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  2. The UK is surely far better placed to use its wind resource to drive hydrogen production than Poland would be?

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | May 9, 2022 | Reply

  3. Poland is a large fairly flat country, with thirty percent more land area than the UK, so much of their wind power will be onshore.

    The UK has a population density of 281 per sq. km., whereas Poland’s is just 124.

    Poland also has a lot of abandoned deep mines, which are ideal for storing energy using the methods being developed by Gravitricity in Edinburgh and a few others.

    I suspect both countries will harvest a lot of wind power, using their own best methods.

    Comment by AnonW | May 9, 2022 | Reply

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