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Diss Station – 19th May 2022

I went to Diss station for the first time today on a train, although I have caught a train from the station a couple of times.

These are my thoughts.

Long Platforms


  • The platforms are long enough to take two full-length twelve-car Class 745 trains, which are nearly 240 metres long.
  • I suspect the platforms can also accept a pair of five-car Class 720 trains, which would be 244 metres long.

If this is true at all Inter-City stations, this must mean that Greater Anglia can still run a full service, if they are short of Class 745 trains.

Car Parking

This Google Map shows the extensive car parking at Diss station.


  1. There are two tracks and two platforms, with the London-bound platform on the Eastern side.
  2. There is parking on both sides of the tracks.
  3. According to the National Rail web site, there appears to be 316 parking bays on the London-bound side.
  4. A sign in the tenth picture shows a £2.50 All-Day parking deal on the Norwich-bound platform.
  5. The Internet shows a lot of competitively-priced parking around the station.

Commuters to London, Ipswich or Norwich will have to cross the line in the morning or evening and there are no lifts to make that easy.

A Step-Free Bridge At Diss

Network Rail had a competition a few years ago in conjunction with RIBA to design a stylish, affordable and easy-to-install footbridge and this was the winner.

This design is also under development.

I think one of these bridges could possibly be installed at Diss station at the Northern end of the station.

  • Both bridges would appear to have small footprints.
  • They are designed to clear 25 KVAC overhead electrification.
  • Both bridges appear to be able to be built to a flexible width. I suspect this might allow one end of the bridge could be in a car park and the other on the opposite platform.
  • Both are fully step-free.
  • The composite bridge might be better because of a lower weight.
  • The first bridge appears to be enclosed, so would work better in Manchester.
  • I suspect that both could be installed after creating an appropriately-sized concrete base on either side of the tracks, by lifting in the bridge by means of a rail-mounted crane.

It is now over three years since the first design won the Network Rail/RIBA competition. That is just too long to get a prototype bridge built and installed.


The toilets at the station were of an excellent standard. But this is getting increasingly common these days.



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  1. Stowmarket equally lacking lifts but these are planned for the near future.At this station
    level boarding is available via the level crossing at the north end though this is quite drawn out to the down platform.

    Comment by Hugh Steavenson | May 20, 2022 | Reply

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