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Perry Barr Station – 6th June 2022

I visited Perry Bar station in May last year and wrote about it in Perry Barr Station – 7th May 2021.


What a difference thirteen months makes!

I have a few thoughts.

Platform Lengths

As some of the pictures show a four-car Class 350 train, which fills the platform, I suspect the station can only accept a four-car train.

Will this be enough for the Commonwealth Games?

Train Frequency

Currently, there are two trains per hour (tph) through the station.

The four-car trains, I took between Perry Bar and Birmingham New Street stations were about half-full and I suspect four tph will be needed for the Games.


There is only a single disabled toilet in the station.


There is a large lift to each platform.


The ramps for the old station have been left.

Will these be used on busy days to expand the capacity.


Uniquely, the number of steps on each set of steps is displayed.

Is this a good idea, as many passengers with reduced mobility,  will know their Limitations?


I am fairly sure, it will handle the Commonwealth Games

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  1. From memory it’s quite a walk from the station to the Alexander Stadium, so as much as improvements to stations are always appreciated I wonder what the bus service is like and how much it costs.

    Comment by fammorris | June 7, 2022 | Reply

    • I’ve looked at it on the map and it’s about a kilometer and a half. But there is a stop for the X51 bus to the City Centre that is nearer.

      It also appears that the local travel is free as it was in London.

      Comment by AnonW | June 7, 2022 | Reply

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