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Elizabeth Line To Northern Line At Moorgate Station

In Elizabeth Line – Moorgate Station – 27th May 2022, I took the recommended step-free route at Moorgate station between the Northern Line and the new entrance to the station.

It is a rather underwhelming and long route and this was my conclusion.

The rat-up-the-drainpipe route is acceptable to me, but I don’t feel the step-free route via the long tunnel will be acceptable for all those, who need to use it.

It’s just too long to walk for many!

Perhaps the addition of seats for a rest would help.

I wrote about the rat-up-the-drainpipe route to the surface, in Up From The Depths At Moorgate Station and in my view, if you can manage an escalator it is a better route between the Northern and Elizabeth Lines. Once at the surface, there are lifts and stairs to the new entrance, where there are escalators and a lift to the Elizabeth Line.

This morning, I was coming the other way, as I’d just off an Elizabeth Line train from Canary Wharf. These pictures show my route to the Northern Line.


  1. The signing at the start of the route, which is shown in the first picture is dreadful.
  2. I suspect, it leads to some of those in wheel-chairs ending up at the main escalators to Moorgate.
  3. The main route to the Northern Line includes a double set of stairs, but there is a by-pass lift.
  4. The connecting tunnel is overly long.
  5. At the end of the tunnel, there is a choice of a lift or long stairs.
  6. At least the tunnel is fully air-conditioned.

I took the lift and then used the escalator to the Northern City Line opposite.

Step-Free Access To The Northern City Line

It hasn’t been added.


Routes between the Northern and Elizabeth Lines at Moorgate need to be improved.


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