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Green Hydrogen Magnate Forrest Sanctioned By Russia After Calling Putin A ‘Murderer’

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Recharge.

Andrew Forest’s reply or the part that can be printed included.

You’re not worth talking to unless you’ve been sanctioned

I think that to many experts, Forrest’s plans for green hydrogen are one of the biggest threats to Russia’s oil industry.

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Wheelchair Provision On Elizabeth Line Trains And Platforms

These pictures show the provision for wheelchairs on trains and platforms of the Elizabeth Line.


  1. The generous spaces for a wheelchair. There are four spaces in the middle carriage of the nine-car trains.
  2. There is a blue wheelchair symbol, that marks where wheelchair entry to the trains is easiest.
  3. There are blue wheelchair symbols on the floor at doors closest to the wheelchair spaces.
  4. There are a lot of wheelchair signposts on all platforms.
  5. There are no steps to negotiate taking a wheelchair in or out of the train.
  6. At Canary Wharf there was a small screen showing the next five trains in each direction, which appeared to be positioned at the right height for a self-propelled wheelchair user.

Whilst I was coming back from Canary Wharf, the wheelchair space opposite was occupied by a very elderly lady in a wheelchair, who was accompanied, by a couple I took to be her daughter and son-in-law.

Judging by the smiles and compliments all round, they all seemed well satisfied with the provision.

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Elizabeth Line To Northern Line At Moorgate Station

In Elizabeth Line – Moorgate Station – 27th May 2022, I took the recommended step-free route at Moorgate station between the Northern Line and the new entrance to the station.

It is a rather underwhelming and long route and this was my conclusion.

The rat-up-the-drainpipe route is acceptable to me, but I don’t feel the step-free route via the long tunnel will be acceptable for all those, who need to use it.

It’s just too long to walk for many!

Perhaps the addition of seats for a rest would help.

I wrote about the rat-up-the-drainpipe route to the surface, in Up From The Depths At Moorgate Station and in my view, if you can manage an escalator it is a better route between the Northern and Elizabeth Lines. Once at the surface, there are lifts and stairs to the new entrance, where there are escalators and a lift to the Elizabeth Line.

This morning, I was coming the other way, as I’d just off an Elizabeth Line train from Canary Wharf. These pictures show my route to the Northern Line.


  1. The signing at the start of the route, which is shown in the first picture is dreadful.
  2. I suspect, it leads to some of those in wheel-chairs ending up at the main escalators to Moorgate.
  3. The main route to the Northern Line includes a double set of stairs, but there is a by-pass lift.
  4. The connecting tunnel is overly long.
  5. At the end of the tunnel, there is a choice of a lift or long stairs.
  6. At least the tunnel is fully air-conditioned.

I took the lift and then used the escalator to the Northern City Line opposite.

Step-Free Access To The Northern City Line

It hasn’t been added.


Routes between the Northern and Elizabeth Lines at Moorgate need to be improved.


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Moorgate Station’s Facade At The New Entrance – 17th June 2022

These pictures show, the  new facade of the Moorgate station’s new entrance.


This entrance is in addition to the original entrance on Moorgate and it has stairs and lifts to the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines and a giant escalator and a lift to the Elizabeth Line.

It does look as though, the construction of the offices on top of the entrance is coming to a completion. Two escalators will be fitted in the space guarded by the green hoarding to give access to the offices and the walkways, that will lead to the Barbican.



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London Now Has A Large Communal Cool Room For The Elderly And Disabled

I would suspect that most elderly and disabled people, who live in the London boroughs have a Freedom Pass entitling them to free public transport.

London’s new cool room is large and fully air-conditioned, and stretches eight miles right across the city between Paddington and Canary Wharf.

It is officially called the Elizabeth Line, but others call it Crossrail or the Lizzie Line.

Perhaps, the seats in the stations are hard, to discourage overstaying in the well-controlled cool atmosphere.


These seats are used on most stations.

I wonder how many passengers will choose the Elizabeth Line in this heat?

I certainly will!


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Nuclear-Enabled Hydrogen – How It Helps To Reach Net Zero

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Power Engineering.

These are the first two paragraphs.

Nuclear enabled hydrogen is zero carbon, has low cost energy input, is large scale and offers co-location synergy and energy system connectivity.

With the revival of interest in nuclear energy, interest is growing in the potential for nuclear-enabled hydrogen, otherwise sometimes known as ‘pink’ hydrogen, to meet the anticipated demand for hydrogen at scale.

The article is certainly a must-read.

Topics covered include.

  • Co-location of pink hydrogen production with industrial clusters, where heat can also be provided.
  • The production of hydrogen on a large scale.
  • The use of high temperature electrolysis, using steam from the nuclear plant.

I particularly like the idea of combining a small modular nuclear reactor with high temperature electrolysis to generate hydrogen for local industry like a steelworks or chemical plant.

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