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My First Ride On The Midland Metro To Edgaston Village

I went to Birmingham today and took the Midland Metro to its new terminus at Edgbaston Village.

I have a few thoughts.

The Edgbaston Village Tram Stop

The Edgbaston Village tram stop is the new terminus of Line 1 of the West Midlands Metro, which is shown in the first eight pictures.

  • The station has two tracks and two platforms, which would obviously allow extension to a new terminus.
  • Plans exist for a terminus at Quinton, according to Wikipedia.
  • As each platform could probably handle between four and six trams per hour (tph), the current layout could probably handle up to 12 tph.
  • The Edgbaston Village tram stop is fully wired.
  • I watched three or four trams come and go and both platforms are used.

As the pictures show there is still work to do and it looks like this will create a bus stop on the main road by the side of the main road.

Edgbaston Village Tram Stop To Edgbaston Stadium

This Google Map shows the area between the tram stop and the stadium.


  1. The Edgbaston Village tram stop is on the A456 to the North of the of the red arrow marking Edgbaston Village in the North-West corner of the map.
  2. Edgbaston stadium is in the South-East corner of the map.
  3. I estimate that the distance between the tram stop and the stadium is a little over two kilometres.

I have a feeling there are more direct routes by bus, but I feel that for many people, who take the tram to Edgbaston Village. the walk wouldn’t be too much, especially with a refreshment stop.


The tram now gives access to Brindleyplace, where I had lunch.

Note in the the pictures of this stop, there are overhead wires.

Library Tram Stop

Library tram stop is now a through stop, as the pictures show.

Charging Trams At The Edgbaston Village Tram Stop

Not all trams seem to put their pantograph up, so I would assume a double trip between Grand Central and Edgbaston Village is possible on a full battery, that has been charged on the trip from Wolverhampton, with a bit of assistance on the wires through Brindleyplace tram stop.

The Dreaded Advertising Wrap

One of the trams I rode, had one of those dreaded advertising wraps, that ruin the view from the tram.

When will the dunderheads, who decide these things, that to many travellers on trams, they are a complete no-no.

Whenever, I arrive in a new city, I will often take a city-centre tram to get a feel of the city.

When I see advertising wraps on trams, I don’t.


If you go to Liverpool, which has no trams, the term Liverpool Stations on your train ticket includes the stations on the Wirral Loop, so you can get to any of the stations in the City Centre.

Manchester Stations, on a ticket also allows you to get around the city, when you first arrive.

London allows you add a Travelcard to your ticket, but because of contactless ticketing, you don’t need to.

A common scenario for visitors to Birmingham, is probably to use the tram to get somewhere in Zone 1.

So I had to buy an all-day Zone 1 ticket on the tram, which cost me £2.80

This is not good enough.

My preference would be to create a destination called Zone 1 Birmingham, which would allow unlimited trips in Zone 1 on the trams.

Sort it out Birmingham!


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  1. How was performance in catenary free sections

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | July 26, 2022 | Reply

    • It was good!

      Comment by AnonW | July 26, 2022 | Reply

  2. Re ticketing. Birmingham is in the “PlusBus” rail ticketing scheme, claims to include the trams. So, what you are asking for in terms of ticketing already exists although I have found Plusbus is generally not well marketed (although there is an poorly described upsell nudge on the trainline powered checkout used by most train operator websites (and presumably trainline itself).

    The upsell didn’t use to work if you had certain railcards and certain other ticketing options (and railcard discounts do apply to the PlusBus supplement too), needing attendance at the ticket office at the destination to buy it (always an option if you forgot to add the PlusBus to the original booking). I complained (a couple of years ago), so I think that has been fixed (but haven’t needed it recently so haven’t checked).

    Sadly PlusBus requires the local bus operator(s) to opt in so it isn’t available in all the places that would be useful (I’m looking at you, Sanders Coaches, for onward travel from the Bittern line in Sheringham/Cromer; Plusbus is available in Norwich so it is not a Greater Anglia problem)

    Comment by MilesT | July 28, 2022 | Reply

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