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Bank Station – 16th September 2022

On August 13th, I wrote What Goes Up Must Come Down, where I described the crane coming down over the new Bank station entrance on Cannon Street.

The triangular site, that lies between Cannon and King William Streets, has now been opened up for development, as these pictures show.


  1. I took the pictures from the top of a 141 bus, that was going to London Bridge station.
  2. It is going to be a large block on top of the station.
  3. Do the pictures indicate retail or further station entrances along King William Street?
  4. This development must help in the financing of the massive Bank Station Upgrade.

This is the last picture, shown to a larger scale.

On the end of the lowest level of the portable offices, you can just about make out a sign indicating a ladies toilet.

Is this the most inaccessible ladies toilet in London? Or even the world?

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  1. I think you’ll find that’s for the women who – amazingly – now work on these big projects AW!

    Comment by Dave | September 19, 2022 | Reply

    • I have been told several times, that the project management computer system, that I designed; Artemis was a big factor in bringing women into project management. Artemis was based on a Hewlett-Packard mini computer in a desk, with a VDU terminal and a printer.

      In the seventies, when I designed it, much management of large projects was done on massive mainframe computers, where all data was entered on punched cards from forms filled in by the engineers. But with Artemis, data entry was from the VDU and there was a problem in many companies, as the project managers couldn’t type. So companies recruited their best secretaries and typists for project management. I can remember going to see my friend; Eric in Ferranti, who ran project management in Edinburgh and his department was virtually exclusively female with just one male member.

      At a conference in Denver in the eighties for our users, the delegates were perhaps seventy percent female. Several female delegates I met, had entered through the typing route and were then running large projects.

      It also helps, that women seem to be good at project management and have ways of getting the truth out of difficult projects.

      Comment by AnonW | September 19, 2022 | Reply

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