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Bank Station Upgrade – 6th January 2023

I took these pictures this morning of the new Cannon Street entrance to Bank station.

There’s certainly space above the building for a substantial oversite development.

This article on Ian Visits is entitled TfL’s Office Development At Bank Tube Station Gets Taller.

These four paragraphs describes the scheme.

Transport for London (TfL) already had permission for a 7-storey building on the site but was structurally future-proofed for the possibility of an additional floor. They’ve now received permission to add the extra floor on top, and it’s further stepped back from the front of the building so that there’s space to create a large roof terrace as well.

Commercially, the previous top floor, the sixth floor lost about a third of the floorspace to plant room equipment, but will now be a full-width open plan office space, and while the new top floor still needs space for the plant equipment, but also has the new roof terrace and some additional office space. They’ve also flipped the plant room from the western side where it blocked the view of the church steeple and a lower-rise set of buildings, to the other side, which faces an office block, so the 6th-floor office users have a rather better view from the windows.

The revised scheme provides accommodation totalling 142,310 square feet across the ground and 7 upper floors plus over 7,600 square feet of terrace space over three floors.

The new scheme also changes the roof structure, which was to be covered in solar cells. However, that’s because the attic level above the offices was for traditional water boilers. The new scheme has removed the water boilers to replace them with a lower energy air source heating network, so the roof needs to be open to the air instead.

There’s also been a requirement from the City of London to reduce the number of vehicles allowed to make deliveries to the building from 54 per day to a maximum of 42, which considering that the building is also larger, is a meaningful change. Planning policy required at least 142 cycle racks, but another recent change to the building requested by the developer allowed them to put in space for 229 cycle spaces at the basement level, which is significantly higher than the minimum required.

The building certainly appears to have good environmental credentials.

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Bank Station – 16th September 2022

On August 13th, I wrote What Goes Up Must Come Down, where I described the crane coming down over the new Bank station entrance on Cannon Street.

The triangular site, that lies between Cannon and King William Streets, has now been opened up for development, as these pictures show.


  1. I took the pictures from the top of a 141 bus, that was going to London Bridge station.
  2. It is going to be a large block on top of the station.
  3. Do the pictures indicate retail or further station entrances along King William Street?
  4. This development must help in the financing of the massive Bank Station Upgrade.

This is the last picture, shown to a larger scale.

On the end of the lowest level of the portable offices, you can just about make out a sign indicating a ladies toilet.

Is this the most inaccessible ladies toilet in London? Or even the world?

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What Goes Up Must Come Down

This morning, I went for a walk in the City, with the aim of looking at progress on the new Southern entrance to Bank station.

I took these pictures, where they were dismantling the main crane on the Bank station site.

Does this dismantling mean that the main work is coming to an end?

One of the guys, I spoke to said that the station would be finished by the end of the year.

I also took this picture from the Northernmost cross tunnel between the two Northern Line platforms.

Note the Way Out sign behind the hoarding, which also shows Central Line straight on. This looks like it could be the start of the travelator to the Central Line.


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