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Energy Dome To Partner With Ørsted For Energy Storage

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on CleanTechnica.

This paragraph from the long article, gives details of the partnership.

I got a press release from Energy Dome this past week telling me that its technology has attracted interest from Ørsted, the Danish company that is a global leader in wind turbine technology. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understand that will allow them to explore the feasibility of deploying of a 20 MW/200 MWh Energy Dome facility at one or more Ørsted sites.

Is this the first deal between a major wind farm developer and a third-party non-lithium battery developer?

The article on CleanTechnica is very much a must-read and it goes into detail about the technology behind Energy Dome’s unique CO2 battery.

These are my thoughts.

Energy Dome Has A UK Office

Is this significant?

  • The UK has a large need for energy storage than any other country in Europe, as we have lots of renewable energy generation, that could benefit.
  • Most Italians speak good English.
  • The UK government is prepared to develop innovative payment schemes for renewable energy.
  • Their is a long history of Italians in the United Kingdom.
  • Italians are distributed all over the UK.
  • Some of the best Italian chefs are resident in the UK.
  • The UK market is not biased against foreign customers.

I wouldn’t be surprised, if Energy Dome targeted the UK market.


Some facts about Ørsted.

  • Ørsted are the largest energy company in Denmark.
  • As of January 2022, the company is the world’s largest developer of offshore wind power by amount of built offshore wind farms.
  • Ørsted own or have shares in fifteen offshore wind farms in the UK, which have a total capacity of 8731 MW.
  • Ørsted have no interests in onshore wind in the UK.
  • Ørsted divested itself of its last onshore wind farm in 2014.

The fact that Ørsted has partnered with Energy Dome is highly significant, as in my experience large powerful companies don’t partner with smaller start-ups without a lot of technical due diligence.

Use Of A 20 MW/200 MWh Energy Dome

I suspect that Ørsted will deploy their first 20 MW/200 MWh Energy Dome facility with onshore wind.

When you compare the 20 MW/200 MWh Energy Dome with the 1.5 GW/30 GWh Coire Glas pumped storage hydroelectric power station, it is only a fairly small storage system, in both terms of output and storage.

As an Electrical and Control Engineer, I suspect that will mainly be used with smaller offshore wind farms to smooth the output, rather than as serious stand-by power for a large GW-sized wind farm.

In the UK, Ørsted has three smaller wind farms, that could be suitable.


  1. All are a few miles offshore.
  2. Gunfleet Sands 3 was built to test two l6 MW turbines.
  3. All the three wind farms are over twelve years old.

I think it is unlikely, that any of these three wind farms will be fitted with the Energy Dome.

I do believe though, that a 20 MW/200 MWh Energy Dome facility could work well with the Barrow wind farm, as it is a simple farm not connected to any others.




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