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Great Western Railway Get Innovative

This article on Rail Advent, which is entitled Great Western Railway Trial New Long Weekender Ticket Between London Paddington, Bristol And South Wales, caught my eye.

This is the Long Weekender page on the Great Western Railway web site.

This seems to be the basic rule.

Leave on a Friday or Saturday, return on a Monday and save over 60% compared to an Anytime Return.

You can also apply your Railcard.

This sounds very useful to me.

As an example, I spent an enjoyable couple of days in Swansea, where I explored the area on the rail network. This could be made to fit in with one of these tickets, even if it meant buying a return from Cardiff.

I shall investigate further, as the website booking doesn’t seem to know about the Long Weekender ticket.

I visited Paddington this afternoon and asked one of those guys in a green uniform.

He told me that at the moment you have to buy them in the Booking Office and that they will be available on the web site.

He also thought they were a good idea.

There is also this post on Ian Visits, which is entitled GWR Launches “Long Weekend” Train Tickets.

Ian says this.

GWR added that if the trial of the Long Weekender proves successful, it will be extended to other parts of the network.

Does that mean GWR’s or the National network?

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  1. Sounds very like a revival of the old weekend return in the 70s which I used to use regularly either from college or London to Bath for the weekend.

    Comment by Hugh Steavenson | September 30, 2022 | Reply

  2. Perhaps, someone has been talking to their grandparents?

    Comment by AnonW | September 30, 2022 | Reply

  3. Very similar to the former weekend return which BR withdrew ~1986. I still remember [with fury as it cost ££££ within a few years] showing the “Weekend Returnus” ticket being placed in a museum by a couple of railway staff.

    No doubt there will be the usual pile of gouging T&C we have all had to get used to

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | September 30, 2022 | Reply

    • the television advert showing

      Comment by R. Mark Clayton | September 30, 2022 | Reply

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