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ERiCS – Emissions Reductions in Closed Stations

This project was one of the winners in the First Of A Kind 2022 competition run by Innovate UK.

In this document, this is said about the project.

Project No: 10038627

Project title: ERiCS – Emissions Reductions in Closed Stations
Project grant: £59,459

Public description:

We have previously developed an exhaust aftertreatment system to install on Porterbrook’s Class 170 and Class 158/9 vehicles. This technology successfully showed we could significantly reduce the emissions from mid-life diesel trains.

All aftertreatment systems, including those fitted to new diesel engines, work effectively at higher exhaust temperatures but when the train is idling in a station, the aftertreatment is much less effective. This innovation is to develop a new exhaust gas heating solution with geo-fencing capability to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the exhaust
aftertreatment system in covered stations.

The innovation is a development of an electrically heated catalyst which has been used in road applications but is entirely new to rail and could unlock the in-station benefits of aftertreatment systems on diesel trains. This will specifically target NOx and complement PM reduction in stations caused by trains idling and provide a viable retrofit option until full electrification is available.

The innovation will be led by rolling stock asset owner Porterbrook with their partner Eminox who has supplied rail exhaust solutions to diesel engines for several decades. In Phase 1, the project will carry out work to prove the technology on a bench test at Eminox’s test facility. Later in Phase 2, if we are successful, working with our operating partner East Midlands Railway, we propose to demonstrate the additional benefit in emissions reductions in stations by fitting the equipment onto a suitable DMU, and validating the test results in passenger service. This new innovation enhances the business case for fleet roll out of this technology by offering additional benefits where it matters to passengers, staff and neighbours at railway stations. Both Porterbrook and Eminox are delighted to continue the development of their after-treatment system to specifically target emissions in stations, this will take abatement solutions to the next level and provide greener railways. Neil Bamford, Fleet Director at East Midlands Trains said, “The project aligns well to our sustainability objectives, as it offers the opportunity to provide tangible benefits for emissions reduction in stations. We look forward to working with the consortium”

My Thoughts And Conclusions

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