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First Of A Kind 2022 Winners Announced

The title of this post, is the same as that of this news item from Innovate UK.

This paragraph explains the competition.

The Department for Transport and Innovate UK are delighted to announce the first set of winners for the First of Kind (FOAK) 2022 competition. Winners will receive funding to help develop novel technology which improves rail freight services and lowers carbon emissions from trains.

I shall cover some of the winning ideas in future posts, which I will link to this post.

10039629 – Decarbonising Auxiliary Load In Freight Today

10037240 – Levelling Up Freight

10038447 – Transforming High-Speed Rail Logistics

10039135 – Automating Freight Access Right Management And Spot Bidding Using Novel And Modern Software To Drive Modal Shift From Road To Rail

10039606 – “Freight Skate” A Self-Powered Freight Bogie And Platform

10039559 – A Rapidly Deployable Rail Stress Sensor For Next Generation Freight Monitoring

10037294 – EventGo – Intelligent Rail Service Demand Forecasting for Event-Based Travel

10037862 – NextGen Data-Driven Timetable Performance Optimisation Tool

10039201- Protection and Resilience for OLE using ComputerVision Techniques (PROLECT)

10038989 – FEIDS – FOAS Enabled Intruder Detection System

10038342 – Rail Flood Defender

10039258 – Optimal Prediction of Sand For Adhesion

10038790 – Unauthorised Cable Removal And Fault Triage

10036632 – Trains With Brains(R)

10038228 – SBRI: FOAK 2022 Optimising Railway Possessions

10037542 – Portable Track Geometry Measurement System

10038973 – State Of The Railway Compiler Data Solution (SORClite): Open Access Real-Time Signalling Data

10036245 – ECML Net Zero Traction Decarbonisation

10039100 – UBER – Ultra-High Power Battery For Low Emission Rail

10037562 –  ZERRCI – Zero Emissions Repowering Of Railway Construction Infrastructure

10038683 – Axle Mounted Motor For Retrofit To DMU’s To Enable Zero Emissions In Stations

10038972 – Zero Emission Powering of Auxiliary Loads In Stations

10038627 – ERiCS – Emissions Reductions in Closed Stations

10037158 – 25kV Battery Train Charging Station Demonstration

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  1. A tender to hold the batteries or the H2 storage is required because of the motive power required.

    Comment by Ben | November 17, 2022 | Reply

  2. […] I did flag up a project called Unauthorised Cable Removal And Fault Triage, as one of the winners in the First Of A Kind 2022 competition organised by the Dept of BEIS. […]

    Pingback by A Long Journey Home « The Anonymous Widower | December 5, 2022 | Reply

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