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Another Renewable Power Idea From Sweden

I have posted some ideas from Sweden on this blog including.

And now there’s the SEATWIRL,  which the company says is the future of offshore wind.

In the Areas Of Use, there is a section with a heading of SeaTwirl For Niche Markets, where this is said.

SeaTwirl has now identified markets where wind turbines of the size of 1 MW can meet a clear market demand and sees a possibility to build a business aimed at these niche markets in parallel with its main target. That can mean revenues for the company sooner than was originally planned.

The niche markets that have been identified are islands and remote seaside villages, fish farms and desalination plants. These are business and places that today are run mainly on electricity from diesel generators, which is both expensive and emits CO2.

One of the places I would use these turbines, is on the apex of four-beam steel portal frame buildings. The original concept for these buildings had been developed at Cambridge University during World War Two and one of the team, had set up a business in Warwickshire, constructing these buildings for barns, factory units and other purposes.

He had programmed a simple computer program, which he ran on a time-shared computer system. I was hired to improve the computer program.

What surprised me was the strength of these buildings and I believe they could support vertical turbines like SeaTwirl along the apex.

I feel there are many other applications, especially if they are designed to be part pf a bigger system.


I like the concept of SeaTwirl.

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