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Wind Generation Sets New Record In UK Surpassing 21 GW

The eye-catching title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Renewables Now.

I regard anything over 20 GW as very good, as the UK’s average daily consumption is typically around 23 GW, so surely we can find a couple of gigawatts of biomass, gas, hydro or nuclear.

The Renewables Now article says this about UK electricity generation.

According to National Grid ESO, on Monday, January 9, wind accounted for 50.2% of British electricity, nuclear for 15.9%, gas for 13.1%, imports for 10%, biomass for 4.8%, hydro for 3.8%, solar for 1.3% and coal for 1.1%. Tuesday’s wind record may undergo slight adjustments in expectation of all data for yesterday.

I shall be following these figures.

  • Especially, as Wikipedia says another 3 GW will be installed this year.

But it does seem that we’re getting there with renewable electricity.

A Thought On Energy Storage

I also think that if we are generating large amounts of electricity at times, which are more than we need, then we had better crack on and build lots of energy storage.

If we don’t need the energy and Europe or Ireland doesn’t want it, then we must store it, so that if the wind isn’t blowing we can recover it for a useful purpose, even if it is only selling it to the Germans to make hydrogen, which is used to replenish their stores.


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  1. Yes it is good but whilst average is 23GW still peaks at c40GW or more depending on temp this time of the year so a long way to go. Whats been good is long run wind generation being above 10GW for days on end allowing a massive reduction in gas generation which is often only left on for system stability. The bad side is consumers aren’t seeing the benefit in price. Good wind in the North Sea gave a big boost to Germany, Holland and Belgium and massively pushed down the system price in those countries bit not in UK where even if there is only one gas set on that will set the price for everyone else. Its a stupid system and Tories know that but sit on their backsides rather than upset the markets. We could have saved loads on teh energy support schemes but all we are doing is loading up on debt and giving vasy amounts of cash to wind farm owners majority of which aren’t UK based.

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | January 12, 2023 | Reply

  2. According to (which I think presents the BMRS data nice and clearly), average consumption over the past year was 30.3GW, of which wind supplied 29.1% and renewables in general 35%. There’s a long way to go before renewables can reliably meet even half the daily demand.

    Comment by Peter Robins | January 13, 2023 | Reply

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