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Surveys Completed For Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind Projects

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N-Sea Group has finished a series of benthic and geophysical surveys for Llŷr 1 and Llŷr 2 floating offshore wind projects in the Celtic Sea.

I described the two  projects in detail in Two More Floating Wind Projects In The Celtic Sea.

  • At least the surveys are complete and it still appears that a commissioning date of 2026/27 is still feasible for these twin 100 MW projects.
  • In the original documents, it was stated that there would be six next generation turbines in each wind farm, with a capacity of between 12 and 20 MW.
  • There appears to be no decision on the floats or turbine size to be used.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see larger turbines used and the capacity of the farms increased.

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  1. I heard that the wind farms around Scotland are generating more power than what is needed for Scotland but due to the limited capacity of the cable routes going south many of the generators have to be turned side on to the wind and shut down otherwise the cable routes would be over loaded!

    Comment by MauriceGReed | March 1, 2023 | Reply

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