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Meet HiiROC, The Startup Making Low-Cost Hydrogen Free From Emissions

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on UKTN.

This article explains the technology behind, what I feel is one of the most promising start-ups, I’ve seen.

It is certainly a must read.

This paragraph explains how they plan to lease the machines.

It plans to bring in revenue by leasing its machines to companies charging on the output of hydrogen and carbon.

That is almost how we sold the Artemis project management software, I wrote over forty years ago.

  • Our bank manager liked it, as we were leasing to companies like BP, Chevron and Shell.
  • His bosses liked it, as leasing companies don’t normally have that dodgy word; innovation.
  • Our in-house accountant liked it, as we had an easy to predict cash flow.
  • Our customers liked it, as all they had to provide was a 13-amp socket and paper for the printer.

It was a model that served us well.


The more I learn of HiiROC, the more I like the company.

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