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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Keeping Calm And Carrying On

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Keeping Calm And Carrying On

I decided that this was the best action to take.

  • Coeliac-UK were still not giving any specific advice.
  • Lockdowns didn’t bother me!
  • During the pandemic, I didn’t have one food item or takeaway meal delivered.
  • In March 2020, I wrote Carry On Blogging, which details how I was carrying on.

Throughout 2020 my blog posts on Covid-19 were only a trickle for much of the year.

These are some other thoughts.


Lockdowns didn’t bother me, although as a Graduate Control Engineer, I’m against them in principle.

If you’re trying to control a complex system, you don’t use bang-bang control, where you switch something on and off.

Try riding a bike, by only steering hard-left and hard-right.

Interviewing Coeliacs

Coeliac disease must be the one condition, where you regularly meet others with the same condition as you shop.

So every time, I go shopping for gluten-free products and I meet someone in the Free From aisle, I try to get a conversation going.

I must have met nearly a hundred coeliacs in the last four years and I have yet to find one that has suffered a serious dose of Covid-19.


Admittedly, my research has been rather haphazard and random, but my findings generally follows the pattern of the Padua research I wrote about in Risk of COVID-19 In Celiac Disease Patients.

This is the paper on the US National Library of Medicine, which is from the University of Padua in Italy.

This is an extract from the paper.

Among the 171 patients included in our registry and on gluten free diet from at least six months, we contacted 138 CeD subjects (80.7%), aged 41.3 years old (SD 14.9), 73.9% were females on a gluten-free diet from a mean of 6.6 years (SD 6.0). Two patients had a diagnosis of refractory celiac disease type one and one of refractory celiac disease type 2. Among them, none reported to have been diagnosed with COVID-19, whereas 19 CeD patients experienced flu-like symptoms with 1 of them having undergone a negative naso-pharyngeal swab.

Their study certainly gave me confidence to carry on until the vaccines arrived.

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