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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Long Covid

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Long Covid

In Should Those With Long Covid Be Checked For Coeliac Disease?, I wrote this.

One of my Google Alerts picked up this interesting page on the British Medical Journal.

In response to this paper on the journal, which was entitled Long Covid—An Update For Primary Care, a retired GP named Andrew Brown had said this.

The update reminds us that alternative diagnoses should be considered in patients presenting with long covid symptoms. I suggest that screening for coeliac disease should be added to the list of conditions to look for. Coeliac disease occurs in more than 1% of the population, with many more cases undiagnosed. Typical symptoms of fatigue and GI problems are the similar to those of long covid.

As a non-medical person, I would agree, as after the Asian flu of 1057-58, I was off school for a long time with long covid-like symptoms and my excellent GP; Dr. Egerton White was very worried.

Unfortunately, my medical records from before 1969 have been lost.

But at the time, it is now known, I was an undiagnosed coeliac.

So was my coeliac disease meaning that I couldn’t fight the flu?

I cover the link between coeliac disease and long covid in more detail in Covid Leaves Wave Of Wearied Souls In Pandemic’s Wake.

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