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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – More Research Needs To Be Done

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More Research Needs To Be Done

I am inevitably lead to the conclusion that more research needs to be done.

Gluten-Free Hospital Food

I have discussed possible research routes with friends, who are research doctors and I feel, one piece3 of research that could be done, would be to look at how many gluten-free meals are served on wards, where covid patients are treated.

  • I have been into hospital several times since I was diagnosed as a coeliac and there has been a couple of problems.
  • But like all coeliacs, I complained and got what I need.
  • By looking at the food, you would also pick up those, who hadn’t got a gold-standard diagnosis, but went gluten-free for good person reasons.
  • I used to monitor a forum for coeliacs and there were a lot of complaints about hospital food.

I believe that monitoring gluten-free food on wards, where covid patients are treated, could give a good insight into how diagnosed coeliacs on a gluten-free diet respond to the covids.

It is also something that could be applied easily at a hospital.

Testing Covid Sufferers For Coeliac Disease

This is supposedly a true story.

  • A lady in Hampstead, wakes up one morning and she’s gone yellow.
  • She phones her GP, who says she better come in to the surgery.
  • The GP phones the local Royal Free Hospital, who are London’s experts on livers and they advise the lady to come straight in.
  • The hospital say, it looks like her liver is packing up and she will need a transplant.
  • So a doctor showed the lady a series of tests they would be doing.
  • The last one was for coeliac disease and she said. “Why that? I can eat anything I want!”
  • The doctor replied. “With 1-in-100, that is the cause of your liver problem!”
  • She tested positive for coeliac disease and went gluten-free.

Last heard of, she was running a B & B in Corfu.

Given what I said in Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – Long Covid, where there is circumstantial evidence linking undiagnosed coeliac disease to long covid, if it works in a proportion of cases, why shouldn’t it be tried?


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