The Anonymous Widower

An Elegant Solution

There’s an old English expression about couples lying in bed like spoons.

I wonder, if this analogy is used in other languages like Swedish.

Swedish company; Bassoe Technology have certainly used the stacking technique of spoons or bodies in the design of their innovative wind-turbine floats, which they call D-Floaters.

This visualisation shows five D-floaters being transported on a ship.


  1. The D-Floaters do look strong and sturdy.
  2. There are several competing floats for wind turbines based on triangles.
  3. There is probably an optimal cost between transporter ships and D-Floaters.

Given that these structures may be moved thousands of miles before installation, this method of transportation must be economic.

The loaded ship does remind me of one of the bath toys my kids had in the 1970s.

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