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Elizabeth Line – Riding The Underground Roller Coaster At Liverpool Street Station – 24th May 2022

In London’s First Underground Roller Coaster, I published this cross-section of the double-ended Liverpool Street station, which I have christened an underground roller-coaster.


  1. Moorgate station is on the left.
  2. Liverpool Street station is on the right.
  3. In the middle looking like a giant juicer is the ventilation shaft in Finsbury Circus.
  4. The Crossrail tunnels, which consist of two running tunnels and a pedestrian walkway between them are at the deepest level.
  5. There are escalators and lifts all over the place.

Today, I walked between Liverpool Street and Moorgate.

As I walked I took these pictures.


  1. It is two down escalators and two up escalators from end to end.
  2. The passageway is wide, with cross passageways linking to the platforms.
  3. It is all step-free.
  4. I used a down inclined lift.

I feel it was probably easier than a walk on the surface.

But as it was raining, I didn’t get wet.

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Elizabeth Line – Whitechapel Station – 24th May 2022

I took these pictures at Whitechapel station on the Elizabeth Line.


  1. The step-free access between platform and train in two pictures.
  2. I wrote Whitechapel Station – 23rd August 2021, when the rest of the station opened.
  3. There are certainly a large amount of concrete panels.
  • I have called Whitechapel station the Jewel In the East and now the Elizabeth Line has opened, I think we’ll see a lot of passengers changing trains at the station.
  • Passengers reversing direction between the two Eastern branches of the Elizabeth Line, when they are going say between Woolwich and Ilford stations.
  • The Hammersmith and City and the District Lines will give Elizabeth Line passengers access to the North and South of Central London.
  • The Overground will give Elizabeth Line passengers access further out in North and South London.

Whitechapel station will effectively give easy passenger access to over another eighty stations, not on the Elizabeth Line.


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Elizabeth Line – Farringdon Station – 24th May 2022

I took these pictures at the Barbican entrance to the Elizabeth Line at Farringdon station.


  1. The Barbican entrance is effectively at the Western end of Barbican tube station.
  2. There are two banks of escalators between street level and platform.
  3. Both banks of escalators incorporate an inclined lift.

There is also a lift connection between the landing between the two banks of escalators and the Westbound platform at Barbican station, which is shown in these pictures.


  1. It was a bit difficult to find.
  2. I am also not sure that there are stairs.

But it could be a quick shortcut for those with local knowledge.

I took these pictures at the Farringdon entrance to the Elizabeth Line at Farringdon station.

Farringdon station is a very extensive station.


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Elizabeth Line – Tottenham Court Road Station – 24th May 2022

I took these pictures at the Dean Street entrance to the Elizabeth Line at Tottenham Court Road station.


  1. The Dean Street entrance is the one to the West at Tottenham Court Road station.
  2. It is perhaps a hundred metres to the East of the large Marks and Spencer at The Pantheon.

I took these pictures from Oxford Street on the 9th of May.

There will be flats on the top of the station, with retail in the front.

Buses On Oxford Street

There are some buses that go along Oxford Street.

  • 55 – Between Walthamstow Central and Oxford Circus
  • 73 – Between Stoke Newington and Oxford Circus
  • 98 – Between Willesden Garage and Holborn
  • 390 – Between Victoria Station and Archway


  1. I regularly use the 73 to come home from Oxford Street, as it goes close to my house.
  2. Having found how close the 73 bus stop is to the Dean Street entrance to the Elizabeth Line, this might be my easiest route to get to the Western reaches of the Elizabeth Line.
  3. The 73 and 390 buses go between Oxford Circus and Kings Cross stations via Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Warren Street, Euston Square and Euston stations.
  4. The 98 bus runs the full length of Oxford Street.

Step-free buses on Oxford Street are often the easiest way to get where you want to.

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Elizabeth Line – Paddington Station – 24th May 2022

I went to the new Elizabeth Line platforms at Paddington station today and took these pictures.


  1. It is a double descent from the main Paddington station level to the depths of the Elizabeth Line.
  2. The Paddington Bakerloo Link Link is another level down. See Elizabeth Line – Paddington Bakerloo Line Link – 24th May 2022.
  3. There is a spectacular lift tower in the middle of all the escalators.

One puzzle is that there are three escalators down and two up.

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Elizabeth Line – Paddington Bakerloo Line Link – 24th May 2022

These pictures show the Elizabeth Line end of the Paddington Bakerloo Line Link.


  1. This pedestrian tunnel connects the Elizabeth Line platforms and the Bakerloo Line platforms at Paddington station.
  2. The tunnel runs under the main pedestrian concourse of Paddington station from one side to the other.
  3. At the start of construction, I wrote about this tunnel in Paddington Bakerloo Line Link Project, London.

In Paddington Is Operational Again, I showed this image, that I found on the web.

The Bakerloo Line Link At Paddington

I also said this.

It looks to be a very well thought out link.

  • It is connected to the Crossrail station by escalators and lifts in the middle of the island platform at that station.
  • The connection at the Bakerloo Line end, would appear to have lifts, stairs and escalators.
  • Wll the lifts go direct to the surface as well?
  • All routes seem to be direct to the central landing in the Bakerloo Line platforms.
  • It may be a hundred and sixty five metres, but the design probably means most passengers will do it fairly fast.But I’m only speculating.

It will certainly be a very powerful interchange, as it will give a much needed connection to London’s least-developed Underground Line.

Having seen one end today, I agree with my statement in the previous post.

Walking The Paddington Bakerloo Line Link

On the 26th May, I walked the Paddington Bakerloo Line Link from the Elizabeth Line to the Bakerloo Line platforms.


  1. There are two escalators and a lift at both ends.
  2. It appears to be a level walk. Walking the contours around a hill is always easier.
  3. There are two seats at one third and two thirds distance. Do the seats have a mobile phone hotspot?
  4. The seats make each section fifty-five metres, as the tunnel is 165 metres long.
  5. According to this page on the BRE Group web site, it cost just £40 million.
  6. There is a handrail all the way in the middle of the link.
  7. Each direction, is wide enough for the largest pram, wheelchair or stretcher.


The Paddington Bakerloo Line Link has set a high gold standard for below ground pedestrian links.

  • Both ends have escalators and lifts to provide step-free access between platforms and the tunnel.
  • The tunnel is level.
  • There is a handrail.
  • The tunnel is wide.
  • The tunnel has seats for those who need a rest.
  • There are help points.
  • Most importantly, at only £40 million it was not expensive.

Several other long pedestrian links in London, the UK, Europe and the world could borrow ideas from this link, which I would rate as the best I’ve ever seen.

Does The Paddington Bakerloo Line Link Make The Bakerloo Line A North-South Cross-Branch Of The Elizabeth Line?

The Elizabeth Line has these major North-South cross-branches.

  • Jubilee Line at Bond Street station.
  • Charing Cross Branch of the Northern Line at Tottenham Court Road station.
  • Thameslink at Farringdon station.
  • Bank Branch of the Northern Line at Moorgate station.
  • East London Line of the Overground at Whitechapel station.

With the opening of the Paddington Bakerloo Line Link, another North-South cross-branch of the Elizabeth Line been added.

It could be argued that London has a new NW-SE high frequency link between Harrow & Wealdstone and Abbey Wood stations.

  • Bakerloo Line – Harrow & Wealdstone and Paddington
  • Paddington Bakerloo Line Link – 165 metre level step-free walk
  • Elizabeth Line – Paddington and Abbey Wood via Whitechapel and Canary Wharf

The journey would appear to take 73 minutes from the National Rail journey planner, which allows fifteen minutes for the change at Paddington.

Is The Bakerloo Line Extension Still Needed?

So how long would it take for journeys from Harrow & Wealdstone to selected stations, that could be served by the Bakerloo Line Extension.

  • New Cross Gate – 82 minutes – Change at Paddington and Whitechapel
  • Lewisham – 93 minutes – Change at Paddington and Canary Wharf
  • Hayes – 98 minutes – Change at Paddington, Whitechapel and New Cross


  1. Going South the Hayes train arrives at New Cross, just after the train from Dalston Junction has arrived.
  2. I also feel with some Northbound improvements on the Overground service times could be shortened.
  3. Locations on the Old Kent Road might be better served by frequent buses between Elephant & Castle and New Cross stations.

Improving the Overground and the fast link between Whitechapel and Paddington may allow the Bakerloo Line Extension to be kicked into the long grass.

Wi-Fi And 4G

This page on the TfL web site is entitled Everything You Need To Know About The Elizabeth Line, where this is said about Wi-Fi and 4G.

WiFi access within the tunnels will be introduced later in 2022. Customers on both trains and platforms will have access to 4G connectivity this year too.

Will passengers be more likely to take a route through London with Wi-Fi and 4G?

I very much feel they will and that this will draw more passengers to use the Elizabeth Line.

And once, they start to use it, they’ll keep with it, so long as they’re happy.


The Bakerloo Line Extension can be kicked into the long grass.

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Man Dies After Being Hit By Train As Services Out Of Lime Street Cancelled

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the Liverpool Echo.

These paragraphs describe the incident.

Cheshire Police were called to Hartford station in Northwich at around 4pm on Monday, May 23, following reports of a man being hit by a train. Once officers and paramedics arrived at the scene the station was closed to all trains and British Transport Police were called.

British Transport Police have confirmed when emergency services arrived at the scene the man was already dead. Officers are currently working to identify the man and inform their next of kin.

At 15:47, I left Liverpool Lime Street station for London and this was my journey.

  • We stopped at Runcorn and waited there about 15 minutes.
  • We then reversed back to Liverpool and got off the train.
  • We were then told to get back on the train.
  • I actually sat opposite my original seat in coach U, but there was a bit of chaos as Avanti West Coast were combining passengers for the 15:47 and 16:47.
  • We left Liverpool at 17:23.
  • The route was through Manchester and then South from Manchester Piccadilly.
  • We finally arrived in London at 20:18

The journey had taken five hours and thirty-four minutes.

In addition the 17:47, 18:47 and the 19:47 were cancelled, with some passengers taken by bus to Crewe.

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