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Increasing GP Service Capacity

Yesterday, I phoned my GP at 14:00 and saw him at 16:00, as I was allocated a cancellation.

This article on the BBC is entitled One In Five Patients Regularly Misses GP Appointments. This is said.

Up to one in five patients is regularly missing GP appointments in Scotland, new research reveals.

A study of more than 500,000 people in the country found poorer patients living in affluent areas were the most likely to miss an appointment.

My GP Surgery is in a mixed area, but it does have a comprehensive text message system, so you can cancel appointments.

Surely, if any percentage of the missed appointments could be cancelled and reallocated, this would increase the capacity of the GP service.

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Changing Doctors

When we moved here, getting a doctor took a couple of weeks, as the surgeries were all full.  But yesterday, I got a new doctor near to my new house after a couple of phone calls.  Incidentally, the one number that dhould have helped me never phoned back.

I’ve told my current GP and she is going to organise a printout of all the relevant details for me, when I go to get my next blood test on the 29th.  She aso said that the bulk of the records would be moved by electronic transfer in due course.

So at last we’ve sen some progress in twenty years!

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