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Mrs Thatcher: A Professional Woman

I never met Margaret Thatcher, although I should have done, solely because she got her priorities right.

A few months after we won our Queen’s Award, I went to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen,several politicians and a few others, for a reception, which I described here. Each company incidentally sent three people.

Mrs. Thatcher was supposed to attend, but the Welsh Secretary died that evening and she had other more important things to sort out.

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Savile And Margaret Thatcher

The recently released papers show lots of details of meetings between Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher. The details are here on the BBC.

It would appear that Margaret Thatcher did nothing untoward. In fact some of things that were suggested by Savile, were being thought of by the government anyway.

So there doesn’t seem to be much guilt by association here!

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Did Mrs. Thatcher Wash Her Own Smalls?

According to the Standard tonight, Frau Merkel still washes her own.

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David Hockney is Awarded the Order of Merit

The Order of Merit is a unique order in that it is a personal gift of the sovereign. It has just been awarded to David Hockney.

I first came aware of Hockney when he won the John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, in 1967 and can remember seeing his painting, Peter Getting out of Nick’s Pool, at the time with C. I also have seen the major collection of his works at Saltaire.

Reading the list of those who have been awarded the Order of Merit is to read a list of some of our greatest scientists, artists and composers with a few politicians thrown in.  Although, I think it is true to say, that these days there are more of the thinkers than the politicians, than there was fifty years or so. At present there are only two British politicians on the list and both are women; Margaret Thatcher and Betty Boothroyd. There are however two long serving Commonwealth Prime Ministers; one Canadian and one Australian. Decades ago, there would have been many from the military, but now there is only the respected military historian; Sir Michael Howard.

I think on the whole it is a good list and if you look at those who hold the honour today, no-one stands out as universally condemned by all.

There are some interesting connections and some would think anomalies.

For instance the only churchman is the Anglican Primate of Ireland, Lord Eames. Although Cardinal Hume was a member.

Dorothy Hodgkin was also a member, as is her pupil, Margaret Thatcher. I think it is true to say, that their politics were very different. I wonder if they ever met, when Thatcher was Prime Minister! This web page provides a glimpse of their relationship.

Margaret Thatcher worked as a fourth year student on X-ray crystallography in Dorothy Hodgkin’s laboratory. Despite later political differences they always held a great affection for one another.

According to this page on the BBC, they did meet whilst Thatcher was Prime Minister to discuss world peace.

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Katie Hopkins on Mrs. Thatcher

Katie Hopkins was on BBC Breakfast this morning, talking about the High Street. I didn’t agree with everything she said, but as she talked a fair bit of sense, I checked her blog out.  I particularly liked this piece about Mrs. Thatcher, although she did miss out any mention of Denis, who after my lunch in 1981, I always believed was the mentor behind the power.

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