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Bloody McAffe

I have been trying to get this machine to work properly for months.  For instance, I was trying to get Google as the default search engine and no matter what I tried, it never got installed.  Eventually I gave up and someone came and diagnosed the problem as a broken McAfee virus protection.  I’d thought this might be the problem, but although I tried many times to remove McAfee from my computer, I’d never succeeded. With great difficulty the engineer eventually removed it and now I’ve got a working machine again.

So now I’m going to install ClamWin, which works so well on my laptop.

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Business Contact Manager

Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 come with a piece of software that I consider totally unwanted and unnecessary; Business Contact Manager.  The default installation sets this piece of software on your computer, but you then have to run a wizard to set it up.  I never do, as no-one has actually told me what it does and how it is used.  I certainly have no need for it.

A friend came to me with a computer that had developed a problem, where Outlook constantly failed on start-up.  They used to have to re-install Outlook 2003, every few days or so, to open just get their e-mails.  Now, I should say that their computer was a four year old HP, with only 512Mb of memory.

The machine seems OK now!  But I removed Business Contact Manager.

Just as my machine is a lot better, now that I’ve removed this unwanted piece of software too.

When are people like Microsoft going to get the message, that most people are happy with their computer setup and don’t want to have new software, that they won’t use.  At the least, the standard installation, should not install new software without asking if you want the rubbish.

It’s not just Microsoft who do this.  McAffe add something Site Adviser.  That’s unwanted too.  At least by me!

To remove unwanted software go to the Control Panel and find the command that adds and removes software.  Click on the unwanted software and you’ll be given the change to remove it.

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