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Portsmouth on the Brink

I’m glad that I visited Fratton Park earlier in the season, as it looks like the club may not come out of administration according to this report on the BBC.

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Producing PDF Files

PDF files have lots of uses.

  1. They are smaller than Word documents and are easier to transfer between computers or to the web because of this.
  2. Nearly everybody has an Adobe Acrobat Reader to display them and it’s free software available to all types of PC’s.

But what if you want to create PDF files from your Word Documents say?  Adobe does have professional software, but it tends to be comprehensive and for that reason it’s not that affordable.

There are cheaper alternatives.  I for instance use PDF Complete, but even that costs $49.95, but in my case it may have been bundled with this HP computer.

There are also a host of products found, if you type “creating PDF documents” into Google.  Some are even free.  One that looks like giving a trial to is CutePDF.  But I haven’t tried it, so use it at your own peril, after first seeing if there is a review of the software somewhere.  If anybody has used it perhaps they would post their opinion here!

This overview on Gizmo’s web site is worth reading, as it lists and reviews free PDF file creation programs. It’s probably worth searching Gizmo’s site for other free software you need.

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The Tunnel Road Cinema in Liverpool

Despite always being an avid filmgoer, I never got to go to Liverpool’s most infamous cinema. But as they were talking about horror movies on the radio I remembered this story about the place.

On Sunday nights, they used to show bad horror films with little on no merit at all. The audience then generally had a good time and often made everybody laugh, by being much funnier than the film.

On one particular night, the following conversation ensued between a couple of blokes in the cinema, according to a friend of mine at the time.

Aggressive male voice: “Get em off”

Squeaky female voice: “No!”

AMV: “Come on! It won’t hurt!”

SFV: “No! I’m still a virgin!”
AMV: “Alright then!”

At which point, he ripped his handkerchief in two and the audience collapsed in laughter.

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How To Give a Pill to a Basset Hound

Of all the dogs we’ve had, we’ve never had one quite so easy to give a pill to as Lizzie, the basset hound!  She usually just lies on her back and you drop it over her tongue and then stroke it down.

This perhaps wasn’t the best clip, so I’ll probably try to get a better one at a later date.

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Brown’s Aircraft Carrier Too Many

The Times really lays into Gordon Brown this morning about the purchase of a second aircraft carrier, which more than likely will never be used by any fixed wing aircraft.

This was what greeted Gordon Brown this morning from the front page of The Times.

Taxpayers will have to pick up the £2.6 billion bill for the controversial aircraft carrier that will never carry jets because Gordon Brown agreed an “unbreakable” contract designed to protect shipbuilding jobs in Scotland.

Under a 15-year agreement signed with BAE Systems, the Labour Government guaranteed work for the company’s shipyards on the River Clyde and in Portsmouth.

This included the £5.2 billion contract to build two new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, which David Cameron revealed this week that he was unable to cancel.

When the coalition looked at axing one of the carriers to save money, BAE responded that the Government would still have to pay shipworkers to do nothing for the remaining 12 years of the deal. However, at no point did Mr Cameron’s ministers seek to renegotiate the shipbuilding agreement with BAE, according to the company.

It looks like game, set and match to BAE!

As I said earlier, big contracts are too important for politicians to get involved.

What is also interesting is that despite all these bribes to his friends in heartland constituencies and trade unions, Brown still lost.  So we’re all having to pay for the idiot’s bribes and mismanagement!

It’s about time, politicians were made liable for some of their disasterous decisions and purchases.

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Bloody McAffe

I have been trying to get this machine to work properly for months.  For instance, I was trying to get Google as the default search engine and no matter what I tried, it never got installed.  Eventually I gave up and someone came and diagnosed the problem as a broken McAfee virus protection.  I’d thought this might be the problem, but although I tried many times to remove McAfee from my computer, I’d never succeeded. With great difficulty the engineer eventually removed it and now I’ve got a working machine again.

So now I’m going to install ClamWin, which works so well on my laptop.

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Gluten Free Goes Mainstream

There has been an announcement that Genius gluten-free bread is going to spend £3million on a television advertising campaign for their products.

It’s even got a mention in The Sun.

I probably wont see the advert, but it will be interesting to see if it raises the awareness of coeliac disease and gluten-free products.

As to their gluten-free bread, I usually have a loaf in the bread-bin for sandwiches and toast. So I can’t say that I’m unhappy with the product.

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Allergy Alerts

Yesterday, I was informed that Marks and Spencer had made a mistake with one of their gluten-free products. This is the gist of the problem.

Marks & Spencer has withdrawn some of its own-brand Gluten Free Rich Fruit Cake, because the product contains wheat flour. The product label incorrectly mentions that the product is ‘made without wheat’ and is ‘gluten free’. This makes the product a possible health risk to anyone who is gluten intolerant or has an allergy to or intolerance of wheat. The Agency has issued an Allergy Alert.

The full text of the message is on this web page at the Food Standards Agency.

There apparently is a syste of allergy alerts that you can subscribe to here.

Obviously, the system works, but in these days of austerity is it done as efficiently as it can be?

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