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Nationwide Looks At The 316 RBS Branches

According to this article in the Guardian, Nationwide is looking at the 316 RBS branches that Santander didn’t want.

I can’t see why as other articles in the news have said that Nationwide has been getting a lot of customers in recent weeks.

I bank with Nationwide and in the last two years, I’ve only been inside a branch  twice, except to draw money out from a cashpoint there and have a sit down on a comfortable seat, whilst I put it away.

So if they put this proposal to a vote of shareholders, I would say no, as all it would mean would be that my account costs would rise.

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Now Nationwide Drops A Clanger

According to this report on the BBC and a message on their site, Nationwide have processed debit card transactions twice. It didn’t affect me, as I only use a debit card to get money from a cash machine.

This should never happen.

I have said that processing and senior management should be co-located and preferably at the same place where the programmers work.

As in this Nationwide clanger over 700,000 accounts were affected, it is quite likely that several senior managers or their friends would have been effected by the error. If those managers were worth employing, they should  have been straight on to those responsible to find out what had happened.  Co-location puts the fear of God into operators and programmers.  Try doing that if they’re halfway around the world.

But at least in this clanger, Nationwide found out what had happened quickly and rectified it within 48 hours. But how much did the whole incident cost Nationwide and its customers? And as Nationwide is a mutual, how much did it indirectly cost its members?

I always remember Bob, the guy who taught me cost accounting, said that banks had a totally different approach to the way things added up.  Perhaps things haven’t changed all that much!

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Nationwide Login Problems

I like to login to my account at Nationwide each morning to see if there are any payments or credits, and that what are there are what I expect.

However, since Sunday, I have been unable to login. Each day, I got a message saying that the system would by back by 06:00.

Due to essential maintenance work some services will be unavailable on Tuesday 20/03/2012 between approximately 00:01 and 06:00 – we apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.

It’s now well past that time.

This is just not good enough.

Update on 21st March 2012

I have since found out what the problem was.  I use Google Chrome as my default browser and have done for a couple of months, when I had problems in internet Explorer, whilst using WordPress.  This behaviour only showed up in this browser and when I used Internet Explorer everything was fine.

This morning Google Chrome is working fine.

I may have found the solution, but how many customers of Nationwide use Google Chrome and don’t have the computer knowledge I do.  In fact because of the WordPress problem, I’m a bit suspicious that all browsers don’t sing to the same hymn-sheet.  It does mean that web designers must do a lot more testing, so they don’t get bad publicity because of unforseen changes to the design of browsers.

From both the web designers and the customers points of view it’s a nightmare.

The only way to spot this sort of problem early is to test sites continuously and analyse the web logs every day.  The Nationwide problem might have been picked up from the latter, by indicating that there were a lot of login failures with Google Chrome.

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