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Starbucks And Glasgow Rangers

I’ve been reading about the tax avoidance measures of Starbucks over the last few days and it looks like they are doing a few things to normalise the situation, according to this article on the BBC.

This could be due to the protests and boycotts mounted by the good old British public.

Now some might think, that Glasgow Rangers have also cheated the tax man, by the use of Employee Benefit Trusts. According to this article on the BBC, the HMRC thinks so and is pursuing what they think should have been paid.

But surely the issue in both cases is fairness.  Does their tax situation give Starbucks an advantage over their rivals? Many argue that it does.

And if it is true in Starbucks case, it must be true in that of Glasgow Rangers, as they can pay their players more money.

I would like to see one set of rules applied equally to all companies and individuals.

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The Alternative Finance Routes Are Coming

I found this article on a website called Bridging and Commercial.

It talks about how Funding Circle are trying to bridge the gap in the market left by the withdrawal of ING, by paying an increased commission of 4% to intermediaries.

It is an article that should be read.

My reservations about Funding Circle is that they are very small in the overall scheme of things. They have currently lent about fifty million pounds, as against five times that amount by Zopa, which lends to individuals.

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A Rather Forlorn, Cold And Manky Fox

I walked through De Beauvoir Town about five o’clock tonight.

I thought at first it was a bit of an overweight moggy, but my path in the square was crossed by a fox, who definitely looked the worst for wear and absolutely freezing in this cold night, judging by his gait.

The life of the urban fox is not as comfortable as many would like to think.

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A Hat-Pin On The Overground

It’s strange what you see if you keep your eyes open.

I was travelling between Highbury & Islington and Dalston Junction stations, when I noticed a little round knob sticking out of the arm of the seat.

I pulled at it and it was a rather nice old-fashioned hat-pin.

All I can think is that it fell to the floor and someone found it.  For safety they then stuck it into padding of the arm.

I handed it in at my destination and they seemed just as puzzled as I was.

But at least, it didn’t seem that it had done any damage.

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And Now The Royal Baby Mug!

Today, the ultimate Christmas present for your Republican friends has been  launched – The Royal Baby Mug.

Read about it here.

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Phyllis Is Deep Under Hyde Park, Digging Hard

This article is a good update on how the Crossrail tunnels are progressing.

There doesn’t seem to have been much protesting, so either the company has been lucky or it is doing a good job.

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These Must Be EL James’s Builders!

EL James must live here, judging by the builder’s board on the rails outside.

These Must Be EL James's Builders!

These Must Be EL James’s Builders!

I didn’t see any other signs of dark secrets. The front door seemed to be painted in fifty shades of grey.

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A £100 Button On A Nationwide Cashpoint

I needed to get some money out this morning, so I went to a Nationwide Cashpoint in Kings Cross Station.  After keying in my pin, it offered me the usual choice, but with a special £100 button.

As that was what I was going to draw out, I just touched it and got my money!

How sensible!

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The First Train Leaves At 7:11

It would appear that the first Overground train between Highbury and Islington station and Clapham Junction station, by the new extended East London line, leaves on December 9th at 07:11.

I’ll be there.  Even if I get on at Dalston Junction station.

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Nursing Care In Hospital

It is being reported, that nurses are calling for more compassionate care in hospital.

I’m 65 and last year I collapsed and ended up in hospital. It was a teaching hospital and the doctor asked if I wouldn’t mind being used for interviewing practice by medical students.

It made a miserable time, almost enjoyable! Especially, as some students were attractive female ones.

Do other hospitals encourage their medical and nursing students to do this? It certainly, is a good way to get them up to speed in an important and perhaps neglected part of their training.

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