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I Was Struggling In The Heat

Early last week, I was struggling in the heat.

On Wednesday, I had my three-monthly B12 injection injection and since then I’ve been feeling a lot better.

Yesterday, when I went to see the Oxted Viaduct, I climbed a couple of short hills in the heat and had no problem.

I have my B12 injections because I’m coeliac and I was at one time low on B12.

Given too, that some web sites report than B12 helps stroke recovery, does that explain, why I made a better than some recovery from my stroke?

At least three doctors, I’ve met, have used the word remarkable when talking about my stroke recovery.

I certainly would create a fuss, if the GP, thought I should stop taking B12. But then I’ve been taking it for at least thirty years.

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Oxted Station – 16th July 2022

To view the Oxted Viaduct, I went to Oxted station, where I took these pictures.


  1. Oxted station is well-equipped.
  2. For a station of its size, I was surprised to see it had a large underground car park.
  3. There is a large Wetherspoons pub on Western side of the station.

Oxsted shopping centre appears to be split in two by the railway and I was surprised to pass three busy barber shops as I walked to the viaduct.


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Oxted Viaduct

I’d never heard of the Octed Viaduct, until I saw this article on Rail Technology News, which is entitled 140-Year-Old Iconic Viaduct Receives £10.5m Infrastructure Upgrades.

So I went to have a look this morning and took these pictures.

This page on the Network Rail web site, describes the work that has been done.

It also includes a video and this excellent drawing of the viaduct.

I’m glad to see that Network Rail still have the traditional skills.

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