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Coeliac Journey Through Covid-19 – A Few Bad Years

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A Few Bad Years

In 2007, my wife died of what her consultant at Papworth said was one of the worst cancers he’d ever seen. It was a squamous cell carcinoma of the heart.

Her’s was the only occurrence in the UK that year and someone told me, there were four in the United States.

Our youngest son; George, then died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.

When I had been diagnosed as a coeliac in 1997, my wife and I had told our sons to get themselves tested, as is now advised on the NHS web site.

But George was a sound engineer in the music business, who lived the unhealthy rock-and-roll lifestyle.

A year later, I had a serious stroke in Hong Kong.

I had had a warning a year or so before and Addenbrooke’s recommended I go on Warfarin, but my GP in Suffolk, talked me out of it.

Now twelve years later, my GP and myself manage my Warfarin, where I do the testing of my INR on my own meter from Roche.

But then I am a Graduate Control Engineer!

A couple of doctors have said I have made a remarkable recovery, and I’ll go along with that as the only thing I can’t do, that I could before the stroke is drive, as the stroke damaged my eyesight.

On the other hand, the latest therapy for stroke in the United States is B12 injections and I haven’t missed one of my three-monthly injections since 1997.

If anybody is doing serious research into B12 and stroke recovery, then I would be happy to be a lab-rat.

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The Luck Of The Genes

There’s an article in The Times, which is entitled When It Comes To Success, Luck Can Trump Intelligence.

It got me thinking about my life.

I have been pretty successful in life, and I put it down to winning the gene lottery, with a part-Jewish father and a part-Huguenot mother, who taught me hard work and everything they knew. So were my genes forged by religious persecution in the harsh conditions of the ghettoes of Europe?

But luck has always played a great part in my success. On the way, three or four successful men have chosen me for projects and I’ve repaid them by succeeding. I’ve been at the heart of the creation of two world-changing companies.

But the luck turned bad, a dozen years ago. My wife and our youngest son died from cancer and I had a serious stroke.

But the genetic lottery of being coeliac and therefore having B12 injections, has meant, I’ve made a good recovery from the stroke. The B12 injections is a stroke recovery method from the States, but is considered quackery over here. I believe it saved my life.

And then during the pandemic, those coeliac genes and the gluten-free diet I need for health, seem to have protected me from a severe dose of the covids. I’ve yet to find a fellow coeliac, who has had one either. Scientific research from Italy and Sweden, is also backing up my observations.

Lady luck has smiled on me. Or does the devil, look after her own?

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Vitamin B12 For Stroke Recovery: Understanding The Benefits & Safety Tips

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the FlintRehab web site.

I have posted the link, as I was talking to a doctor earlier and they might like to look at it.


  • I am coeliac on a strict gluten-free diet.
  • Since the coeliac diagnosis in 1997, I have had a B12 injection every three months.
  • I had a serious stroke ten year ago.
  • Some doctors feel, I have made an excellent recovery from my stroke.

Could my regular B12 injections have aided my recovery?

Note, that I have cleaned up the Vitamin B12 tag in this blog.

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I Was Struggling In The Heat

Early last week, I was struggling in the heat.

On Wednesday, I had my three-monthly B12 injection injection and since then I’ve been feeling a lot better.

Yesterday, when I went to see the Oxted Viaduct, I climbed a couple of short hills in the heat and had no problem.

I have my B12 injections because I’m coeliac and I was at one time low on B12.

Given too, that some web sites report than B12 helps stroke recovery, does that explain, why I made a better than some recovery from my stroke?

At least three doctors, I’ve met, have used the word remarkable when talking about my stroke recovery.

I certainly would create a fuss, if the GP, thought I should stop taking B12. But then I’ve been taking it for at least thirty years.

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