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Renault Scenic Vision Concept Debuts As Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extender

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Inside EVs.

This is the subtitle to the article.

The French automaker is repurposing its Scenic nameplate for a very different vehicle.

The car looks fairly conventional, but the power system is not.

This paragraph describes it.

What’s perhaps more interesting than the styling is what powers this study. The 215-horsepower front-mounted electric motor is taken from the new Megane E-Tech, as is the 40 kWh battery pack (the smaller of the two available for the Megane EV). The battery pack is small because this vehicle also has an on-board power source, in the form of a 16 kW hydrogen fuel cell.


  1. 215 horse power is 160 kW.
  2. Is it significant that that motor is ten times as powerful as the fuel-cell?

The rest of the article, describes the construction of the car, which includes a lot of recycled plastic.

Another article on the car, indicates a range of 500 miles.

Incidentally, I never owned a French car, although my father did own a couple of Amilcars before World War 2. From one picture I saw, he might have had an Amilcar CGS. This car featured in Mousieur Hulot’s Holiday and I can remember a clip of the film appearing on television and my father remarking that the car was an Amilcar. I can also remember him telling the story of Isadora Duncan’s death, which involved an Amilcar.

My father had some surprising friends in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

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