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Is Romeo’s On The Up?

I’ve been to Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery a few times, but last time, which was a few months ago, it wasn’t a good experience. Compared to some of the bad meals I’ve had in the past, the food was very good, but the service to say the least left a lot too be desired.

As I passed today, I noticed they had a board outside and it would appear they are selling sandwiches.

Is Romeo's On The Up?

Is Romeo’s On The Up?

I think the time has come to give it another chance!

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Gluten-Free Quiche At Romeo’s

This gluten-free quiche was delicious.

Gluten-Free Quiche At Romeo's

Gluten-Free Quiche At Romeo’s

I now seem to go most Friday’s for lunch.

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Gluten Free Bread And Benecol Anybody?

At ten today, a Sunday, Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery was busy and I bought a  seeded loaf for my supper.

I’ve just eaten a crust and a slice with Benecol. Before I was diagnosed as a coeliac, I was always a bit of a glutton for nice bread, as was C.

I hope my bad habits don’t make me put on weight! But the bread was amazingly delicious!

My supper tonight was the second part of one of Lindsey Barham’s Sausage Stew With Apple And Spinach. The observant will notice that I forgot to add the soinach.

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Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery Opens

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery actually opened yesterday, but I only found out late last night from a waitress in Carluccio’s.

It was well worth a visit and I had a cup of tea, a chicken pie and a loaf of bread to take home for fourteen pounds.

The chicken pie was superb and was one of the best lunchtime snacks, I’ve ever had. The pastry was just how it should be and I’ve never had gluten-free pastry like it before.

If you want to go, the easiest way is to walk down Upper Street in Islington from either the Angel or Highbury and Islington stations. It’s virtually opposite Islington Town Hall.

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Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery

It’s not open yet, but this is an interesting development opposite Islington Town Hall on Upper Street, just ten or so shops towards the Angel from the Fish and Chip Shop.

Romeo's Gluten Free Bakery

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery

I wish Romeo, his staff and of course his products well. I shall try to be there the day the bakery opens.

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