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My First Wrap

Like probably many on a gluten-free diet, I’ve never eaten a wrap.

Especially, as I’d probably never actually seen one before I was diagnosed in 1998.

These pictures show a gluten-free Piri-Piri Chicken wrap, that I purchased this morning from the Marks and Spencer’s in London Bridge station.

I will certainly be buying another,

A few months ago I pointed out to Marks, that I was disappointed, that they had discontinued the gluten-free ham roll, which was easy to put in a pocket or a small bag, whereas traditional triangular sandwiches are not!

This new product would fit!

There was also a Three Bean wrap, for vegetarians or those who like to have wind!

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On Your Marks For A Gluten Free Christmas

In my bread bin, in addition to some gluten-free bread, there’s also the remains of a packet of ginger snaps and some mince pies. All are gluten-free from Marks and Spencer. Some of the breads are the sort that sell well in Islington, Sandbanks, Morningside and Alderley Edge.

Today, I went to their store in the back of St.Pancras station and saw this display.

On Your Marks For A Gluten Free Christmas

On Your Marks For A Gluten Free Christmas

All of these packets of sausage and bacon based nibbles have the gluten-free sign.

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Is This The Ideal Bread For A Lone Coeliac?

Yesterday, in Marks and Spencer, they had sold out of my usual bread, so I bought a pack of Brown Bloomer Slices.

There are six or so slices in the pack, which costs £3.15, and it is pretty good either fresh or as toast, as the pictures show.

I hope you don’t get the impression that I live on toast and jam, but I am partial to a cup of tea and toast in the afternoon, if I’m at home.

These slices are ideal for me, as they are good untoasted and cut in half they fit my toaster. The toast isn’t bad either!

This loaf would be good, if you’re having a coeliac friend staying for a couple of nights or just coming round for a meal, as the way it’s packed it will keep for a day or two.

But for my purposes of a coeliac living alone, it does everything I need and as a loaf seems to last about three days, that means it probably costs me around a pound a day or fifty pence a slice. As my daily State Pension is around twenty pounds a day, I think I can afford it.

One problem is that as the bread has no crusts, which might cause friction in some families.

I wonder how many cafes and restaurants will start using this bread, as it seems to be in most Marks and Spencer’s stores, except possibly those in stations. The pack size would satisfy a couple of patrons on perhaps two days.

Marks and Spencer have either designed the product and pack size very carefully or they’ve just struck lucky.

I don’t care as the product is excellent.


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A Stroke Of Genius

As I walked through the centre of Birmingham, I came across a very crowded square.

It was Genius giving out free gluten-free toasted sandwiches.

What a good marketing idea!

I don’t actually eat Genius bread any more as my local Waitrose doesn’t stock it and I do like Marks and Spencer’s new gluten free breads. They also keep longer in the bread bin!

There’s a gluten-free bread war out thereand the only beneficiaries will be those like me, who have or wish to avoid gluten.

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Marks And Spencer Now Do Goats Milk

My food shopping, has got a bit easier, as I’ve now found that Marks and Spencer have been stocking goats’ milk for some time.

Marks And Spencer Now Do Goats Milk

Marks And Spencer Now Do Goats Milk

This now means that the only staple I buy that is a bit difficult to find is my preferred Breakfast Cereal, which I can get in most Sainsburys’ stores and the excellent Waitrose at Canary Wharf.

So now most of my shopping can be done in one place, either a good Marks and Spencer or a larger Waitrose.

They may be nice people in Waitrose at the Angel, but I shan’t be sad if I don’t visit again, with its difficult to use plastic bags on the self-service tills. If I need to shop at the Angel, there’s always the small Mark and Spencer there, with its gluten free quiches and scotch eggs and excellent bakery products.

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A Marks And Spencer Gluten-Free Baguette

This was my lunch today.

A Marks And Spencer Gluten-Free Baguette

A Marks And Spencer Gluten-Free Baguette

The baguette was from Marks and Spencer and was just warmed through in the oven, before filling with bacon.

I can’t remember, when I last had a baguette that was this acceptable. If it looks small, it’s because there was another bit, that I’d already eaten before the photo was taken.

This new Marks and Spencer’s product certainly makes it easier to cope with a visitor, who needs gluten-free food.

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The Second-Best Sandwich I’ve Ever Made

These pictures show the gluten-free salt-beef sandwich I’ve just made using Marks and Spenver’s brown, seeded gluten-free loaf, some slices of salt beef and a tomato.

It is not the best sandwich I’ve ever made. I made that a few minutes earlier and it was so good, I just had to make another.

This gluten-fee loaf is really the best, I’ve ever tasted and it makes superb toast too!

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Pure Bred Sandwiches

I said in this post that there are various criteria I use to judge good bread. Today I made some Pure Bred sandwiches.

Pure Bred Sandwiches

Pure Bred Sandwiches

The sandwiches were good, but probably just not quite as these egg and watercress sandwiches I bought in Marks and Spencer. These must now be the Gold Standard for gluten-free sandwiches.

The Pure Bred bread has a similar flavour to the bread Marks use in their sandwiches, so could it be they are thinking on similar lines with respect to the flour used?

So would I use Pure Bred gluten-free bread in the future in preference to the Genius I normally use?

Genius has one good point and one fault.

The current formulation of Genius doesn’t seem to go mouldy, as quick as it did when first launched and usually a loaf is still edible a week after purchase.

But it does seem to have a tendency to have large holes in the loaf.

The Pure Bred was consistent throughout and it lasted as long as I needed it too.

If Pure Bred was available in my local Waitrose, I’d buy it in preference to Genius, which is not sold there. This would be mainly to avoid going to Sainsburys to have a second shop for just bread.

If Pure Bred was avaiable in Sainsburys, then I would always buy bread there and buy whatever I fancied that day.

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A Fish Supper For One Using Gluten-Free Bread

I regularly use this recipe from Mary Berry. But I simplify it. I start by setting the oven to 200ºC, putting one piece of salmon in a greased baking tray. pulverising a slice of decrusted bread with a teaspoon or so of parmesan, and make a paste of cream cheese, garlic and lemon zest.

Fish, Breadcrumbs and Cream Cheese

Fish, Breadcrumbs and Cream Cheese

I then cover the fish in the cream cheese paste and sprinkle the bread crumbs on top.

Ready For The Oven

Ready For The Oven

I then put them in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

The Cooked Fish

The Cooked Fish

This one was made with Pure Bred gluten-free bread and it tasted virtually exactly the same as ones I’ve made previously with Genius bread.

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The Irish Are Invading

One of the things I noticed at The Allergy Show was the number of new companies that I’d never heard of before. Several of these exhibitors were from Ireland and I stopped at one called Pure Bred from Donegal. I had a taste of their gingerbread and it was seriously good for a commercial product, that didn’t have a touch of the dry about it.

As I needed a loaf and buying Genius, where I live, means shopping other than my convenient Waitrose, I bought one of their sliced wrapped farmhouse loaves.

Bread to me must do three main jobs; make good toast, edible sandwiches when I travel and also make a good crust for some of the recipes I use like this fish from Mary Berry.

When I got home, I made some toast.

The bread certainly made seriously good toast.

One question that must be asked, is all this Irish gluten-free activity, a sign that the Irish economy is on the way to a full recovery?

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