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The New And Unusual Way Commuters Will Be Able To Get To Canary Wharf And Central London

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on MyLondon.

The image shows a Thames Clipper at Greenwich Pier.

A new pier for Thames Clippers is to be built at Barking Riverside, close to the new Barking Riverside station.

This will create a whole series of new routes to the East of Canary Wharf, Greenwich and the Thames Barrier.


I think the new pier will also be good for tourists, just as much as commuters.

I shall certainly use it to show visitors, the historic sites of the Thames.

It’s also good to see the Thames Clippers getting integrated with London’s more traditional public transport.


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Plans Shown Off For A Bridge Across The Thames At The Barrier

The title of this post is the same as that of an article on IanVisits.

This Google Map shows the location of the Thames Barrier.

Note the City Airport to the North and Charlton to the South.

I think it could be a valuable link for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Northern End

The Northern end of the bridge would be a pleasant five-minute stroll through Thames Barrier Park to the Pontoon Dock DLR station, as this Google Map shows.

Note that there is a cafe in the park.

The Southern End

What would happen at the Southern end of the bridge is less clear, as this Google Map shows.

The Thames Barrier is visible at the top of this map.

Could a network of cycle and walking routes be created between Maryon Park and the bridge?

These could also extend East to Charlton station and The Valley and West to Woolwich Dockyard station, which is just on the map.


I think it could be a valuable link for pedestrians and cyclists, through a new cross-river park.



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The Closed Thames Barrier From The Cable Car

I took these pictures from the Emirates Air Line.

They clearly show that the Thames Barrier is closed, as it has been for much of this year.

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The Cable-Car On A Very Cold Day

At about eleven this morning, I took the Emirates Air-Line, across the Thames from south to north. I had hoped that the very cold day and a forecast for bright sun, might lead to some very good pictures.

As you can see, they would have been better with sun, but it would appear that a cold Sunday morning may be the time to get some superb views. One of the staff I spoke to, said that it is very good to cross at about four in the morning, as all the lights come on.  But of course the cable-car isn’t open.

If we have a cold and sunny day in the next couple of weeks, I’ll get my camera out again.

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The Down-River View From the Emirates Air-Line

Previously on my three trips on the Emirates Air-Line, I’ve always sat so I could see up-river.  Today, I sat the other side and looked down-river.

As you can see there was a bit of rain about, so it might be worth checking the wind direction, if there is, so that your side windows are clear.

On a day with good visibility, you’d get a superb view of the Thames Barrier.

Note that up-river for me is one of those titter-words. The fictional cast list of Beyond Our Ken in the 1950s and 1960s, often included a lady called Maud Upriver.

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The Thames Barrier Park

Yesterday, I went to the Thames Barrier Park to have a walk.

It is a great place for a walk and the coffee in the cafe there, is very good. Just take the Docklands Light Railway to Pontoon Dock station.

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The Dafs Are Out

Or they certainly are in the Thames Barrier Park.

Daffodils in the Thames Barrier Park

This park is one of London’s hidden gens, in that it has beautiful modern gardens, the river, the barrier and of course the coffee.

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The Best £1.85 Capuccino in London!

Possibly!  No! Probably! Today I was cold and as I walked through the Thames Barrier Park back from the Thames Barrier to Pontoon Dock station, I had one in the cafe in the park. It was in a china mug too!

The Cafe in the Thames Barrier Park

I’ve not had one better, since I had one for a Euro in the backstreets of Naples over three years ago.

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Closing the Thames Barrier

They closed the Thames Barrier today, so I went and took a few pictures, which I then put together as a video slide-show.

Not sure about the finished video, but the barrier is always worth a visit.  Just go to Pontoon Dock station on the Docklands Light Railway.

Note how in the picture sequence, the individual gates are raised from the bed of the river. Wikipedia explains the operation and history of the barrier.

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Closing the Thames Barrier

This will happen on Thursday, the 10th of March and should be worth a visit. Details are here.

It actually happens once a year for testing.  I shall be going!

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