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Sir Nicholas Winton and the Kindertransport

Sir Nicholas is 100 and over seventy years ago, he organised the rescue of nearly seven hundred children from under the noses of the Nazis in Czechoslovakia.  He was so modest about his role, that it didn’t come to light until 1988.

The BBC’s Robert Hall will be following the route of the Kindertransport over the next few days on Breakfast Time.

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Hospital Food Worse Than Prison Food

A report today from Professor John Edwards at Bournemouth University has said that hospital food is worse than prison food.

Here’s the e-mail I sent to the BBC.

Luckily, I’ve not been into hospital overnight, but the Professor’s research bears out the experiences of my relatives and friends.

I also moderate a list on the Internet for coeliacs, who need a gluten-free diet.  Some of the experiences are not good at all, with it seems kitchens unable to provide the correct diet.

The last bit worries me.

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Perhaps I Should Get a Sewing Machine

They’ve just announced that the “Make Do and Mend” culture is returning, with John Lewis reporting an increase in the sale of sewing machines.  The department store has also brought out a guide with the same name.

You may ask, why a sixty-two year old man would buy a sewing machine.  I probably won’t, but I used to be very handy with one, having been taught how to sew by my mother.

When we were first married, I used to make some of my wife’s clothes.  I can remember making several dresses and a long brown coat.  In fact, somewhere in this house is a short maternity dress, that I made in 1969 out of some red Dorcas fabric.

My father also taught me how to do proper carpentry, service cars, hang wallpaper and of course everything there is to know about real letterpress printing.

I don’t think we taught our children such a wide range of skills.  And I think that these days kids learn even less from their parents.

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The Programme Wife

I’m watching BBC Breakfast Time.

Sian Williams has just referred to herself on her first day back as “The Programme Wife”.

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