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Do Low Cost Airlines Get it Right?

I ask this question because over the weekend I used two to get to and from Holland.  As I had to visit someone at Winchester, I went out from Southampton on FlyBe to Schipol and came back to Stansted on easyJet.

Southampton Airport couldn’t have been more convenient for the train.  It was just a short walk from the train to the check-in without any steps.

I did have a problem in that I arrived very early as my meeting had not gone on as long as I thought it might.  So although I was booked on the 18:10 flight, I could have actually caught the earlier 14:25.

Could I change to the earlier flight?

I could, but only for a charge of eighty pounds.  Now, I know they have rules about changing, which means that you pay the difference between prices and an administration fee, but surely there comes a point at which it is in the airline’s interest to bump someone forward.  After all, they may sell your seat to someone later.  But once a flight closes they can’t sell it.

So I waited the extra four hours.  I think if the woman on the desk hadn’t been so firm, I might have tried to negotiate!

It has to be said that some airlines, allow you to change to an earlier flight, but only on your way home.

This may be simple but it is wrong or perhaps something that security rules won’t countenance.

Surely though if there are still seats on the 14:25, then as it gets nearer to the closure, the price of the seats should decrease, as the demand for them is smaller.  You could argue that they should drop to almost nothing, but to stop people buying a later and cheaper flight and then transferring, the price would probably only drop to that of the next flight.

So in some cases there might be a charge and there could probably be an adminstration fee of a few pounds, but it would mean that the passenger didn’t have a long wait and the empty seat would be delayed for a few hours.  They just might just sell it, in which case they would have made a profit.

At least though Southampton Airport wasn’t a bad place to wait, as they had a viewing gallery where I could watch the planes taking off and landing.

The flight was fine, although some passengers didn’t like the ride in the Dash 8. But it would have been bumpy in anything else. I’ve also piloted a light aircraft in worse.  Only when you’ve done that do you really appreciate what the conditions are truly like.

Coming back by easyJet we were about an hour late.  It was foggy and the pilot explained this had caused the delay.  Fine! And I’m all for safety.  But couldn’t we have had better information?

So to take everything into consideration it wasn’t a bad experience.

Except for the miles you have to walk at Schipol.  How much of that is caused because the UK doesn’t belong to the Schengen Agreement, so we get the awkward gates?

We are the only major country in Europe that doesn’t belong to the Agreement.  Most think this is correct, but I don’t!

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