The Anonymous Widower

My Walk-In Digital Shower

Two years ago, I installed a new shower.  It has no doors and you just walk in.



Walk-In Shower

The floor is uncluttered and there are no doors to open.

Walk-In Shower


The Aqualisa control couldn’t be simpler.  It’s just two buttons and a large knob to set the temperature.

Digital Shower Control

The top button switches it on and off and the bottom one is a high-pressure boost.  The system remembers the temperature from when you last used the shower.  If it’s two hot or cold, you just turn the knob.

So all I do to take a shower is press the top button, wait perhaps a minute until the temperature is correct, undress and walk in.

It has been a real boon since I’ve had the stroke.

As the shower is effectively double size, you have plenty of space for a helper or perhaps to put a fold down seat on the wall. The onlt thing I might do is put a vertical hand rail on the back wall.  At present, if I need support, I use the vertical pipe that feeds water to the shower head.

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