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A New Test for Autism

This report on the BBC shows the way that modern medicine is going.  I know that I don’t suffer from autism, although I’m a bit weird, but then programmers are a lot of the time.  These sort of scans though, will help doctors sort out stroke sufferers like me.

Let’s hope the medics and the programmers, who work with them keep going!

They have had one of  the researchers involved, Christine Ecker, on BBC Breakfast this morning.  She reckons that soon they will be able to use the test with children.  They have even developed a quiet non-claustrophobic scanner, so children won’t be frightened.

I am very enthusiastic about this test and feel it will have other beneficial effects.  Obviously, as the research techniques get better and we know more about the brain, they will benefit people like me, who have had strokes to those with more serious brain problems or injuries.

I also think that C, my late wife, would have welcomed this test. She was a barrister and most of her work was with families, divorce and children.  She said to me many times, that childen with things a like autism and ADHD, put a tremendous strain on the marriage and often caused the break-up.  Sometimes, that strain was caused by the difficulty of getting a diagnosis.

Hopefully, this test will reduce those problems and might even help couples to stay together!

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  1. My only concern about these tests is what is done with the results! Will the diagnosis have a positive benefit on the life of the person tested, or to the human population as a whole.

    Some medics choose to do tests just because they can, with no benefit to anyone at all, and at huge cost!

    Comment by Liz P | August 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. What nobody realizes is that many abusive or “in-denial” spouses will not allow a child to be diagnosed in the first place. Therefore we need to study custody battles in family courts and link it to Autism, rather than study Autism and un-link it to divorce.

    Comment by autism custody battles | September 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. There are many parents who dont want their child to be labelled as “not perfect” and who do their best to avoid all tests – there is an example in my extended family of a child whose mother evaded help and diagnosis for her son, cancelled appointments, was complicit with his truancy etc. On meeting him for the first time everyone with any knowledge of young people immediately comment on his autism. He has no diagnosis of anything, thinks he is a super genius who outsrips Stephen Hawking, is unable to make sensible choices about his own life, hismother is now dead, he is 23, and guess who his nearest relatives are!

    On the other hand are parents who are desparate to get a disgnosis for their child, often these children are just naughty and strong willed, but their parents think a diagnosis will excuse their child’s behviour and not cause others to judge the parents as “bad”

    Comment by Liz P | September 1, 2010 | Reply

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