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An Open Letter to my MP About Changing to Central European Time

I feel very strongly that we should be on the same time asmost of the rest of Europe. As the MPs are voting on it on Friday, I thought I’d send my MP a reminder to cast his vote and cast it in favour of the Daylight Saving Bill.

I’ve struggled these last few days in the snow, as I can’t drive due to my stroke and there is little or no public transport.  If the evenings were lighter and the morning darker, I could stay in bed until it was fully light and it would give a much longer window, in the middle of the day, for my carer/driver to come and take me to the shops and doctors’ appointments.  I have needed taxis at times, and they all seem to disappear when it gets dark.

Now I’m not disabled, but I suspect that those who are, have found these few days very trying.

I also caught a train to Ipswich from Stratford in the rush hour a few days ago.  I didn’t have any trouble, but more light would have made the crowded platform a lot safer.

As a trained engineer, I’m also a big fan of metric units, as these make construction and many other things a lot simpler and safer. My middle son incidentally was born in the same hospital as baby Miliband.  But there was one big difference.  In 1970 my son was measured in kilos, but baby Miliband was given in pounds.  So you can see what progress means in the Labour Party!

So please vote for the UK to join Central European Time.

I do suspect though, that we won’t do the sensible thing, as this change strikes too many as cowtowing to Europe.

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  1. Well !!!! I thought you might have been British but no. You seem to want to take the side of the French and Germans but forget everyone else in your own country. You often go on about the Jocks and the Welsh but it is an attitude like this that makes us wonder if the southern people have any time for the rest of the country as long as they getwhat they want stuff the rest.

    Comment by George Bell | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. What really got me was standing on that crowded platform at Stratford with bad eye-sight, just as it was getting dark.

    Remember too, that a Professor at Edinburgh University has now said, that most Scots would welcome the change!

    Comment by AnonW | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. It doesn’t get light here until after 10 in the morning and is dark again by 3 in the afternoon by mid-winter. When they tried to stay on BST all year round a few years back it was really awful up here in Northern Scotland and I hope it doesn’t happen again. I was at school and I hated having to go out to morning playtime in the pitchdark. I remember a friend falling and breaking a leg on ice in the dark mid-morning. She was left with a permanent limp.

    I’m not sure where the Professor got his information from but I suspect it was from a few select colleages, and Edinburgh is in the south of Scotland.

    Comment by Frozen Northerner | November 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. This is on the web.

    It’s only two days till the clocks move back an hour for winter, and as the nights draw in this year’s usual media coverage of the clock change has been brightened by a Lighter Later twist.

    A flurry of independent reports released today echo our call for lighter evenings. The most influential is Dr Mayer Hillman’s Scotland report, which states that Scotland stands to benefit significantly from the clock change.

    BBC News Scotland reported that “switching Scotland to Central European Time would reduce road casualties, improve health and boost the economy, according to new research”

    The Independent gave Mayer Hillman’s Scotland report a positive mention, as did the Daily Express, and The Guardian, which focussed on the NFU Scotland’s neutral position.

    I’m going to convince people as it is important dwn here in the East as we suffer because the progression of the sun shortens our days.

    Comment by AnonW | November 30, 2010 | Reply

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