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Another Letter In The Times

I had a letter published in The Times on Tuesday about the cricket, under a title of Spin Bowling.

Sir, If the Daylight Saving Bill had been passed into law, the farce of the fifth Test at the Oval would have been avoided (Aug 26). The match would have been coming to a conclusion at effectively 6pm, when the light was certainly good enough, as events showed, for nearly an hour of play.

Those MPs who opposed the Bill should hang their head in shame.

On Monday, I did talk to someone, who’d been at the Test, that I’d met at Welling.  He said that the light at six, wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to play cricket, as they in fact did.


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Ashes To Ashes

I was listening to the end of the Fifth Test on TMS  last night and the way it ended was disgraceful.  But then Jonathan Agnew felt the same here on the BBC, He wrote this in the article.

The way the fifth and final Ashes Test finished on Sunday evening leaves one both speechless and angry.

For the bad-light regulations to force the umpires to take the players off the field with England needing just 21 runs off 24 balls for the victory, in front of a full house at The Oval, with millions watching and listening at home on the edge of their seats, is an absolute disgrace.

There are many of us who have talked to people at the ICC about this. We have told them what was likely to transpire.

We obviously need rules for the umpires, but they must be ones that work and everybody respects.

As it stands now, we will see more players and fans cheated of exciting finishes.

I can’t help thinking that some of these running out of time problems with cricket would be helped by moving the clocks to get lighter evenings in the summer.

But then the Lighter Later legislation was talked out by the politicians.


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Dinosaurs Wreck Daylight Saving Bill

The latest attempt at saving lives by moving the clocks an hour forward has been wrecked by those MPs, who have gone against the main will of the House of Commons, the government and the people of the UK, by using procedural tricks to talk the Bill out. Read all about it in the Guardian.

It’s funny, but now I live in London instead of Suffolk, I’m more in favour than ever of the bill. I have just walked back from  a bus in semi-darkness.  So in Islington and Hackney, the lights aren’t too bad, but it was just at this time of night last winter, when a teenage girl was killed as she crossed between two buses, just round the corner from where I live.  An hour of extra daylight and she might still be alive. She probably shouldn’t have done it, but who hasn’t.

If the Scots, who weren’t the major objectors this time incidentally, want a different timezone to England, then that is their business.

But how many other pedestrians will have to die before this lunacy is corrected.

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A Quick Reply from My MP

Yesterday I wrote to my MP, Matthew Hancock about the Daylight Saving Bill.

Today, I got a signed reply in the post.

He finished the letter with the following statement. “I am fully in support of this bill, and will be voting for it on Friday the 3rd of December.”

i think the swift reply is to everybody’s credit.  And especially, the Royal Mail.

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Scotland and Daylight Saving Time

Professor Mayer Hillman at the University of Westminster is the first person to do a study of the effects of going to Central European Time for Scotland.

His report is on his web site here.

His major conclusiuons of moving the clocks forward are  that it would :-

  1. Save lives on the road
  2. Increase opportunities for outdoor leisure and social activities in the evenings
  3. Improve the health and quality of life of the great majority of the population
  4. Widen opportunities for people fearful of being out after dark, especially the elderly, to go out in the evenings
  5. Enable parents to extend the hours they allow their children to be out of doors
  6. Boost the leisure and tourism industries through increased revenue and job generation

But then as Dr. Hillman is from the University of Westminster, his report will be rubbished, by those totally opposed to the change.  And especially by the Scottish Nationalists who will probably oppose it on principle, as the idea comes from Westminster.

But please don’t just rubbish the report.  Read what Dr. Hillman has to say, because his report has convinced me, that for the majority of Scots it will be a good thing to change.

After all, Scotland has its own parliament, so they could make their own policy on this one.  It is not unknown for countries and even states like Tennessee to use two time zones.  But if Scotland should prevent England going to Central European Time, it would be a strong case of the tail wagging the dog.

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An Open Letter to my MP About Changing to Central European Time

I feel very strongly that we should be on the same time asmost of the rest of Europe. As the MPs are voting on it on Friday, I thought I’d send my MP a reminder to cast his vote and cast it in favour of the Daylight Saving Bill.

I’ve struggled these last few days in the snow, as I can’t drive due to my stroke and there is little or no public transport.  If the evenings were lighter and the morning darker, I could stay in bed until it was fully light and it would give a much longer window, in the middle of the day, for my carer/driver to come and take me to the shops and doctors’ appointments.  I have needed taxis at times, and they all seem to disappear when it gets dark.

Now I’m not disabled, but I suspect that those who are, have found these few days very trying.

I also caught a train to Ipswich from Stratford in the rush hour a few days ago.  I didn’t have any trouble, but more light would have made the crowded platform a lot safer.

As a trained engineer, I’m also a big fan of metric units, as these make construction and many other things a lot simpler and safer. My middle son incidentally was born in the same hospital as baby Miliband.  But there was one big difference.  In 1970 my son was measured in kilos, but baby Miliband was given in pounds.  So you can see what progress means in the Labour Party!

So please vote for the UK to join Central European Time.

I do suspect though, that we won’t do the sensible thing, as this change strikes too many as cowtowing to Europe.

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SAGA Backs the Time Change to Central European Time

SAGA has now backed Rebecca Harris and her Private Members Bill. Apparently 63% of over-50s back moving to Central European Time.

Well here’s one that does!

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Will Britain Dance In Time to the Scottish Nationalists?

Parliament is discussing going to Central European Time today, so the BBC has a piece about the possible change from Scotland.  A professor from Edinburgh University has said that Scots are generally in favour of the change to lighter evenings, but that the SNP has called the change ludicrous.

Let’s hope that every other politician feels that way about their stand.

But I’ve always felt that this very sensible move, which has so many positive energy, business, job and leisure implications will never happen, as it is in effect a vote for something that makes us closer to Europe.

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Backing for Lighter Evenings

I have always believed that we should be on Central European Time for reasons of business with Europe and to give more light in the evening.

Now it would appear from this article, that major sporting bodies including the FA and the ECB are backing the proposals of the Lighter Later Campaign, which will culminate in a Private Member’s Bill in the House of Commons on December 3rd.

I doubt it’ll be accepted as it will mean we’re on Central European Time, which is a no-no to many MPs.

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