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A Spurs Fan Says Sorry to Brunel

Perhaps you get a better class of humour in the Cambridge Evening News,  but this comment from someone, who signs himself a Spurs Fan, in response to the latest article about faults on the Cambridge Busway, made me laugh like a drain.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel we are sorry. We did not want this farce. We would have preferred a railway like the ones you used to build. We hope you don’t ache too much from constantly turning in your grave!

I suspect that most of the population of Cambridge will be in their graves, by the time the busway opens in 2097!

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Station Transfers at Kings Cross

I asked at the infornation desk how you get to Marylebone.  I got a very unprofessional answer.  Surely, when the new Kings Cross is finished, there should be information on how to get to the various other stations in London.  I know all the links across London, and especially some that are not obvious, like Waterloo to Liverpool Street.  It’s a 26 bus by the way.

I also hope when the new station is complete, that they sort out the buses as well. I use a 30 or 73 to get home from Kings Cross and there is a rather windy, unprotected stop in front of the station.  Marylebone is also a station best got to from Kings Cross by a 205 bus. some of the buses are also good for getting to Euston, which has a rather terrible Underground station.

Perhaps though, Euston needs a properly designed pedestrian route from Kings Cross/St. Pancras, lined with cafes and shops and perhaps some form of light public transport, like bicycle rickshaws or small electric vehicles.

I’d possibly ban cars and trucks from Euston Road and run a low-floor bendy bus or tram from Paddington to Kings Cross and possibly all the way to Liverpool Street.

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Network Rail Do the PR at Kings Cross

Kings Cross station is very much a building site at the moment, as the station is remodelled in time for the 2012 Olympics. The access to the five Underground lines that meet at the station and its more illustrious sister, St. Pancras, is now more or less complete, although some of the underground walks are a bit longer than they used to be.  But access is better on the whole, especially for those with heavy luggage or short on mobility. As an example, when I met my friend from the Edinburgh train, we were able to use the lift to get to the subway to St. Pancras and then another lift up to Carluccio’s for a coffee.  As she was going to Marylebone, we then descended back into the crypt at St. Pancras by lift and walked to the west side of the station to get a black cab for the trip up Euston Road.

Network Rail, East Coast and First Capital Connect had set up a model of the new station in the forecourt of Kings Cross.

A Model of the New Kings Cross Station

Note how the awful 1960s extension at the front has gone and there is a new public square in front of the station. You can also just see the new western extension to the station, which will contain customer services, shops and cafes.  There will also be covered links to the Great Northern Hotel and St. Pancras.  Effectively, the two stations will almost become one.  In fact, there has been talk about numbering the platforms together.

I spent ten mintes talking to one of the Thameslink project managers and was impressed at the whole PR exercise.  Developers, and especially those where large sums of public money are involved, should always explain what they are doing to those who use the area.  Both sides might actually learn something to their future advantage. I visited London Bridge on Saturday and the whole station was a shambles because of the rebuilding, with little information to be found.

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Give Peas a Chance

And coeliacs too, it would appear, judging by the menu.

The Manager at Hummus Bros

I came across the Southampton Row branch of Hummus Bros as I walked towards Euston from Holborn.

Hummus Bros, Southampton Row

I had a good coffee for just 50p, as it was their price for after 2:00 pm and it is certainly somewhere, I’ll try again.

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Sicilian Avenue

This used to be one of those places that pre-Internet, computer programmers used to go to get their books at an excellent computer book-store.

Sicilian Avenue, Holborn

The Sicilian Avenue was built about a hundred years ago as a pavement cafe area and as the photograph shows it is currently being refurbished. It would make a very appropriate location for a Carluccio‘s, but I suspect that the premises will be too small for them.

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Where C Used to Work

C was a family barrister and this picture shows one of the places, where her important cases used to end up, The Principle Registry of the Family Division.

The Principle Registry of the Family Division

It is rather anonymous building for such an important court. For many years the court was in the grandeur of Somerset House and then in a less grand building by Holborn Tube Station. I think it is true to say that the later buildings were chosen for cost rather than legal gravitas reasons.

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