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A Walk Around White Hart Lane Station

I took these pictures as I walked around the area between White Hart Lane station and Tottenham Hotspur‘s White Hart Lane stadium.

Looking at the station, I come to a few conclusions.

  • It certainly isn’t fit for serving a 61,000-seater football stadium.
  • The access to the platforms with staircases and no lifts or escalators is terrible and not much better than it was when I used it regularly in the early 1960s.
  • The platforms look like, they might be able to handle a twelve-car train.
  • The platforms are on top of what looks to be a solid well-built viaduct.
  • Walking away from White Hart Lane towards the South, there would appear to be few important buildings alongside the viaduct.

I think this all leads to a unique situation you don’t often find in the rebuilding of a station. It would appear that if you clear the land on both sides of the railway along Penshurst Road and Love Lane, you can create a station that encloses the railway and gives access underneath. A similar situation was exploited at Haggerston and Hoxton stations to create very passenger-friendly stations.

This visualisation from the Architects Journal shows the station from the East.


I’ll repeat my nearest picture.

White Hart Lane Station From Love Lane

I think that it looks good.

Note that the rightmost arch, which is partially hidden in the second picture, is the rightmost arch in the visualisation.

If you look at the other pictures in the Architects Journal, it would appear that the two staircases go up in two sections to the platforms, in a similar way to they do in several of the Overeground’s rebuilt stations.

At least in common with London’s two other big club grounds at Arsenal and West Ham, White Hart Lane is served by several Underground and rail stations.

This station certainly, looks like it will handle its share.

I think there could be controversy, as there have been reports that Tottenham Hotspur would like to sell naming rights to the stadium and possibly the station, as other clubs have.

Renaming the stadium would probably not be controversial, but renaming the station could well be. It will certainly be expensive, as Transport for London would have to change a large quantity of maps.

As someone, who supports Ipswich, I don’t care.



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The Development Of White Hart Lane Stadium And Station

This report in Construction News is entitled Mace selected as construction partner on £400m Spurs stadium job.

The report talks about the next major milestone, being the decision of Haringey Council’s Planning Committee on December the 8th.

Let’s hope that this drawn-out saga is at last getting near to the next phase.

This picture taken from the report, shows an architect’s impression of the area after the stadium has been built.

New White Hart Lane Stadium

New White Hart Lane Stadium

The image is from the South and you can see the railway line through White Hart Lane and Bruce Grove stations to the left of the stadium and Tottenham High Road.

It also shows a direct approach from the stadium to the railway line, where it will connect to a new southern entrance to White Hart Lane station.

This Google Map shows the area now.

White Hart Lane Stadium And The Rail Lines

White Hart Lane Stadium And The Rail Lines


  • The site acquired by Tottenham Hotspur around the current stadium is substantial and there is plenty of space to create one of the best stadia in London.
  • White Hart Lane station  is to the West of the stadium site on the Lea Valley Lines on the West side of Tottenham High Road. It is a walk of about two hundred metres from the stadium.
  • Northumberland Park station is to the East of the stadium on another of the Lea Valley Lines. It is a walk of about five to six hundred metres from the stadium.
  • Note the Sainsbury Superstore on the North Side of the already cleared site for the new stadium.

The relationship of the new stadium to White Hart Lane station, is illustrated by this enlarged Google Map of the proposed route between the two.

White Hart Lane Station To Stadium

White Hart Lane Station To Stadium

Note how the platforms of the current station extend to Whitehall Street, so the proposed new Southern entrance to the station, would be on a walking route to the front of the stadium. Plans on the web hint, that a wide high-capacity walking route will be provided between the station and stadium.

As  to the design of the station itself, I found this image on the web.

Proposed Southern Entrance To White Hart Lane Station

Proposed Southern Entrance To White Hart Lane Station

Bruce Castle, which is a magnificent Grade 1 Listed sixteenth century manor house is on the other side of the line , in the extensive Bruce Castle Park.

Bruce Castle Park

Bruce Castle Park

So the design of open arches would link the whole area together.

As I’ve said many times on this blog, all stations should provide a proper entrance into their destination!

It should also be noted, that the current White Hart Lane station has platforms capable of taking the new Class 710 trains of eight or more carriages.  So there should be enough capacity to get passengers to the new stadium by public transport, especially as the other side of the stadium can be walked from the slightly further away, Northumberland Park station, which if plans are carried through could be on Crossrail 2 by 2030.

If Tottenham Hotspur, with the help of Haringey Council and Transport for London, don’t bring all this together to create one of the best stadiums in Europe, then they don’t deserve to be successful.

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Is There A Klug Effect?

Bryan Klug was the manager of Ipswich’s youth academy for some years and in 2002 and 2009 he was appointed caretaker manager.

The academy didn’t produce that many good players under his tenure, but he probably helped the likes of Darren Bent, Darren Ambrose, Luke Hyam and Jordan Rhodes amongst others. Since he left the club, when Roy Keane arrived, with the exception of Connor Wickham few home-grown players have been produced.

Klug went to Tottenham, who for the last few years, have had a dismal record of creating their own stars to be Assistant Academy Manager and Head of Player Development. And then a whole host of youngsters have come through including Andros Townsend, Ryan Mason and Harry Kane. At one time against Italy last week, England had four young Tottenham players on the pitch.

In June 2012, Klug came back to Ipswich and already Teddy Bishop and Matt Clarke are full members of the First Team Squad.

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Before Overground – White Hart Lane

A Station Totally Inadequate For The Area’s Need – Rating 2/10

It’s debatable whether White Hart Lane station is worse than its neighbour Bruce Grove.

Those stairs are a disaster waiting to happen on a match day, especially, when Spurs have built their new stadium.

But if you look at the Tottenham High Road West development plans, all options envisage the station being moved towards the south and connecting it to the new stadium with a wide pedestrian route. Arsenal and Chelsea eat your hearts out!

So I suspect that improvements to the station are on hold, until the stadium is built and all the other plans are sorted.

Incidentally, if the station was to be moved south by a couple of hundred metres,  it would appear that the new station might be able to use the same platforms, but accessing them at the other end. So it wouldn’t have the added problem of demolishing houses and businesses to create the station.

One subsidiary advantage of a station here, that can serve Spurs new stadium, is that it would probably be built with full step-free access. So will this take the pressure off the need to make Bruce Grove and Silver Street stations step free, if the bus routes on Tottenham High Road were improved.

I’ve always believed that the poor quality of public transport in this area of Tottenham is a factor in the crime, vandalism and general unrest. Long term residents of Hackney, including a Police Inspector, have told me they believe that the coming of the Overground and the improved buses has quietened things down in that borough and enabled more young people to get to jobs elsewhere.

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Real Fans Don’t Like Certain Teams

I’m a real football fan, who has followed the game probably since about the age of six or so, when my father first took me to White Hart Lane. One of the early games I saw was when Newcastle and the legend, Jackie Milburn, were visitors. I think Spurs won and I do know that Ted Ditchburn, their goalkeeper was outstanding and that Jackie Milburn missed a penalty. Other teams, I saw in the fifties and early sixties with my father, included Leeds with John Charles and Stoke City with Stanley Matthews. I watched most Cup finals of that era on the television, but the earliest I remember is probably the Manchester City v Birmingham City final of 1956, when Bert Trautmann broke his neck and Don Revie played as a deep-lying centre-forward.

my father had had a long history of both playing football and supporting Spurs.  He always said, that he first went to Spurs in a pony and trap, and hisfather paid a boy to hold the horse’s head during the match. i think too, he’d been at the 1921 Cup Final.

I started going to Ipswich when my parents moved to Felixstowe.  Usually, I was taken by the next door neighbour as getting between Ipswich and Felixstowe in those days wasn’t easy by public transport. As I was living in London most of the time, I still cycled to some of Spurs home matches and later at Liverpool University, I visited both Everton and Liverpool and quite a lot of teams in the area, including Manchester United, Preston, Leeds, Blackpool, Blackburn and Burnley. I didn’t carry a camera as I do now, so there is no record of the visits to the old grounds. Some were very rudimentary and far inferior to how they are today. I remember that getting to Old Trafford involved getting a steam powered shuttle train from the centre of Manchester. I think this was probably, when I took the train from Huyton.

Over the years, I’ve developed a dislike of certain teams. I won’t mention them all, but the usual suspects are there.

This last few weeks, I’ve been watching the story unfold at Cardiff City. I don’t like bullies and I very much feel that the club, the fans and the manager have been very badly treated.

So I felt quite a bit of delight, when Sunderland scored their second goal tonight at Cardiff.

To not  win couldn’t have happened to a more deserving owner!

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You Don’t Have To Be Big

I went to Reading today to see Ipswich play.  We did lose 2-1, but Jay Tabb scored our goal.

He is not one of the tallest players being only 1.70 m., but judging by the reception he got from the fans at his old club; Reading,  he was popular with the fans.

In some ways he reminded me very much of Terry Dyson, who I saw play for Spurs many times in their famous double-winning side of 1960-61. Dyson was very much an irritant and got a lot of his success by being persistent and in the right place at the right time. Tabb seems to play in a similar vein. According to Wikipedia, the much more successful, Kevin Phillips is the same height, and he’s just signed to play in the Premier League at 40. Having met Kevin Keegan, I can attest that he’s not much taller than my 1.71 m.

Given the fact that the next batsman in line to play cricket for England; James Taylor, is only 1.68 m., do we sometimes put overdue emphasis on size?

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How Long Can Spurs Keep Gareth Bale?

It’s some years since I’ve seen a more outstanding British footballer, as Gareth Bale. Last night, he helped to bring Spurs a victory at West Ham, and even stored the winning goal. The match and Bale’s influence on it is reported here on the BBC.

But then how long can the real money-bags clubs of the world, let this situation continue, before they make the player and Spurs an offer they can’t refuse?

I doubt, he’ll be playing for the club next year! But it will be the biggest transfer fee of recent times.

So just how good is Bale?

Although, I have a history of being a Spurs supporter until the 1970s and saw the great double side, I’m much more of an Ipswich supporter these days, as I have lived in the county for forty years.

But now, as I have Sky through my BT broadband, I generally make sure, that I see Spurs if I can.  Partly because of my history, but also to see what sort of fireworks Bale will produce.

He has certainly delivered in recent weeks.

No other footballer has had such an effect on me.  Let’s hope that kids these days, want to be the next Gareth Bale, as his style of play is very exciting.

He seems to combine the skill and thinking of a Blanchflower or a Beckham, with the speed of Cliff Jones and the power and ball skills of a Gascoigne or Puskas.

Let’s hope he behaves off the field like Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Trevor Brooking or Gary Lineker.

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Football On Christmas Day

Danny Baker on his program today, asked if anybody had been into a football ground on Christmas Day.

I phoned up and said that I’d been to a match at White Hart Lane on Christmas Day morning.  Danny was rather sceptical, to say the least!

I remember that we went to do an hour or so’s work in my father’s print works, as he was rather a workaholic to say the least.  We then drive to the ground from Wood Green. I’m not certain, who we played, but it was somewhere in the mid-1950s and it could have been Luton Town.

We then went home for a late Christmas lunch.

I did find a bit of history about Christmas Day football here.

One thing that they must have had in those days was a decent public transport system over the holidays. And ASLEF wouldn’t have been on strike.


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Father and Son Footballers

They were talking about these on Radio 5 last night.

Perhaps I have a better memory, but the two pairs I know, weren’t mentioned.

Les Allen, who was in Spurs double-winning side of 1960-61, is the father of Clive and Bradley Allen, both of whom, had reasonably successful careers.

Roy Bailey, who was the goalkeeper in Ipswich’s  First Division winning side of 1961-62, was the father of Manchester United’s goalkeeper, Gary Bailey.

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Another Non-Video Referee Blunder

The Chelsea Spurs match yesterday was ruined by the fact that football doesn’t have a video referee, who would have not given Chelsea’s second goal. It’s here in the Guardian.

The ghost goal probably didn’t affect the result, but who’s to know.

On the other hand, Harry Redknapp’s handling of his players and team cast further doubt on his being given the England job. But his biggest failing, seems to be that he lacks any smidgen of good luck.

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