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The Ford Transit Connect

You see these vans all over Europe, but I can’t remember seeing one here in Greece.  Is it because they are made in Turkey?

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Zebra Crossings are Killing Zones

They seem to have one purpose in Greece.  And that is to tempt pedestrians to get in the road, so they can be knocked over. Luckily, I’ve not been hit, but I do use routes that avoid crossing the road directly.

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The Sun is Healing Me

I’ve now had four days of reasonable sunshine and I can feel my body repairing itself.

Strangely the closer to the brain, my pain is, it seems to go away first. My face and tooth pain improved, followed by my arm and hand, then the bottom of my spine and my left leg. None of these injuries were stroke related, but after the stroke I got a lot of pain in old injuries.  Perhaps the stroke ruined the wiring and the sun-induced vitamins are creating new pathways.

I don’t know, as I’m no expert.

But my typing is certainly better since I’ve been in Greece.

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The Good Ship Artemis

The two nights I’ve been on Syros, they’ve parked a ferry called Artemis outside to make me feel at home.

The Good Ship Artemis

It left early both mornings.

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