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Planning for the August Bank Holiday

As I’ve said before, I hate bank holidays.

For next Monday though I have a plan. Whilst I was travelling in Tottenham, I saw on the map a building named as Markfield Beam Engine and Museum.

I shall be going as it is in steam on the Monday.

I could even go to the football in the evening at Ipswich!

But the aim is to enjoy myself and judging by the way they are playing at the moment, a team made up of eleven fit men in the North Stand could do better.

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I Don’t Listen to Music Anymore

I suppose a lot of this is to do, that I don’t drive anymore, as that was where I used to listen most.

Do I miss it?

No! In a word!

I don’t record programs either, as if I want to catch up, I use iPlayer. Sport I always watch live, either there, in the pub or on my television.

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Will Young Talks Sense

Will Young writes an opinion in The Times today, that everyone should read. Here’s the second paragraph.

There are so many theories being bandied around as to why young people reacted as they did. Modern Britain is a blamocracy: people look to pass the buck. Governments, we are told, have created a society of idleness, in which a mood of entitlement has fermented. Add to this the onward march of capitalism, family breakdown and a fettered education sector and things look bleak.

I bet he doesn’t get called in by David Cameron.

He’s so right about how we all live in a blamocracy.

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Getting On Our Bikes

According to this report on the BBC, cycling is booming, with several millions of extra cyclists.

This can only be good.  It’s certainly taking off down here in london, but it taking off in the same way everywhere.  It would be nice to see a breakdown of the statistics by county and city.

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Let’s Get Gaddafi To The Hague

I suspect that the cruel and idiotic Gaddafi has a few tricks up his sleeves yet. But wouldn’t it be a victory for everybody, especially the Libyan people,  if he felt the respected justice of the International Criminal Court.

If they’re short of cells, he could share with some of the other dictators and war criminals under arrest in The Hague. They all deserve each other.

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