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92 Clubs – Day 7 – Burnley, Burton Albion

As I said in an earlier post, I took the morning easy and just turned up at Euston, bought a ticket and took the 11:30 train to Preston, where I changed for Burnley Manchester Road, which is the nearest station to the Burnley ground, Turf Moor. The walk-up ticket cost me £48.70, as opposed to the £13.85, I’d paid for an advance ticket, for an early train.  But of course I couldn’t use that one after my troubles in Bristol! Well that is if I wanted to stay sane, fit and well.

Turf Moor

I arrived at the ground just before two after about 30 minutes walk.  The trouble is that the station is on one hill and the ground is on another and the only public transport between the two is a taxi. I’ve said before, that crossing the main road by the station in Welcome to Burnley is not the easiest. I met a lady at the station as I moved on to Leeds, when I left and she agreed.

But the people at the club are very friendly and I got a good welcome there.

Welcome to Burnley FC

The receptionist took the picture, which sums up the club well, and told me about one of their former players who has suffered a serious stroke.  My best wishes go out to him and his family.

She also told me, how she and a few friends were having an expedition to Brighton to see Burnley play in December, staying for the weekend nearby.  Sadly, I won’t be going to Burnley this season as Ipswich play them on a Tuesday night. 

From Burnley, I took the train to Leeds, on my way to Burton Albion. It was in fact three trains and I suffered my first delay of the week as it was a bit of a tortuous journey, where I had to change at both Leeds and Derby.  The late train, was the service from Leeds to Derby, which was twenty-two minutes late and that knocked on. I dfo wonder how many tickets are issued between Burnley and Burton Albion

Outside Burton Albion's Pirelli Stadium

The picture sums up Burton, although it wasn’t the club or the twon’s fault.  To say it was raining would be an understatement, so I chickened out walking to the ground, as pneumonia would not be something to add to my ailments.  The picture was taken by a cheery taxi driver, originally from Wimbledon.

Originally, when this day was planned, I would have moved on to Bury. But walking around Manchester, late at night and in the rain, I decided that to return home would be a better idea.  After changing trains at Birmingham, I was in London around ten and asleep in bed, just after eleven.

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  1. There are a couple of places like that in Burnley. And some horrible roundabouts as well. But the people are lovely and it was a really nice place to live. Had it been practical when we moved back up from Kent, we would have lived there again.

    Comment by liz | October 7, 2011 | Reply

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