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Building The Revolution

I went to the Royal Academy to see the exhibition on Soviet Art and Architecture entitled Building the Revolution – Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935.

It was fascinating and sad in equal measure.

The former because some of the buildings were spectacular and ground-breaking.  It was all rather sad to see the state of decay that some of them are now reduced to.

But then some of our best buildings from the era have suffered a similar fate. Although, it is from just after World War II, I once went over Cliff Key Power Station in Ipswich. That was a real pleasure and it was a pity that it couldn’t have been transformed for a modern purpose.  But then those power stations, were built to last thirty years and often the foundations weren’t of the best. Just look at the state of the iconic Battersea Power Station today.

In the Courtyard of te Royal Academy, there was this tower.

It is a modern reconstruction of Tatlin’s Tower; a giant tower that was never built.

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