The Anonymous Widower

Why Does Anybody Buy a Gas Cooker?

This house came with a complete set of appliances.  Most have suffered at the hands of ten years of tenants, who looked after them as if they were their own and not the care you would if they were someone else’s.

The cooker didn’t suffer too much at the hands of the tenants, but judging by the fact that the microwave was in the garage and rather burnt, I would think the reason the cooker was OK wasn’t misuse, but no use!

But that doesn’t alter the fact that cooking anything as simple as bacon and eggs is very very difficult. Or it could be that I’ve cooked on a variety of AGAs for forty years and before that it was a sophisticated all-electric hob and oven!

So the next time a modern day Steptoe passes my door he gets it.  And probably a double hernia as well, as it was obviously built by a company that knew weight could settle all problems. But not everywhere of course!

The cooker isn’t totally useless in that it can cook things that just need the electric oven or just one pot on a gas. so I can cook my fish pies or Moroccan Chicken Casseroles.

It’s just simple things like meat and two veg and of course bacon and eggs, that are difficult.

At least in the 1950s, you could always use them to kill the lamb before you ate it! Even that function has been removed on safety grounds.

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  1. For the bacon and eggs, tuen the gas down to about half way. That way, the eggs don’t burn on the bottom before cooking through. I am a gas hob / electric oven man myself.

    Comment by Conor Bofin | February 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Thanks, but my AGA was so much better. I think it’s down to the heat transfer from a flat hob to the flat bottom of a pan. As someone who did Physics at school to the highest level, that is the best conductivity. I remember my mother used to put a poker under the saucepan to get it right.

      Comment by AnonW | February 19, 2012 | Reply

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