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My Second (And Cold) Christmas Dinner

As I wrote in Cooking My Christmas Dinner, I had a lot of food left over from Friday, as this picture showed.

So on Sunday, I had a cold lunch based on what was left.

I’ve still got some of the delicious cauliflower cheese for lunch today or tomorrow!

I think I can say, that this Christmas Feast from Roasted by Jack and Scott has been an unqualified success!

  • The delivery turned up, when they said it would.
  • The cooking time of just forty minutes was amazing.
  • The vegetables were superb!
  • I ate all the Christmas pudding, which is rare.
  • The amount of washing up was small.
  • There is no remains of a large bird to deal with!

I have said to my son, that if we get together next year, I’ll look seriously at using Jack and Scott again. I think I could just about cook for four on my small cooker.

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Where Are The Small Cooking Spoons?

My mother had a very small wooden cooking spoon about twelve or so centimetres long. It was ideal for warming baked beans or making scrambled eggs in a non-stick milk saucepan.

Her’s had suffered an accident and I can remember that one side was slightly burned, but it was still usable. And absolutely the eight size!

I’ve been looking for over fifty years since I left home and not found one yet!

This is the best I can do!

But it’s still too big! Note I have drilled a hole through the handle and fixed a cable-clip in it, so I can hang it up above my cooker.

Is it a Health and Safety requirement that spoons must be big enough, so we don’t get our fingers burned?

I’d actually like one in a high-tech plastic, as it would be easier to clean!

Baked Beans

On the subject of baked beans, I usually buy my small tins in Waitrose.

I should say, that I have a tendency to not eat enough soluble fibre and this was raising my cholesterol. A dietitian recommended that I eat one small tin of baked beans a week and use Benecol instead of margarine. It worked and meant, I avoided going on special drugs.

Last week, I fancied some baked beans with a poached egg for lunch and I was out of stock.

So I went to the corner store close to my house and bought a couple of tins of Heinz baked beans.

Obviously, no problem with cooking, eating or taste, but I found washing up of the saucepan and the spoon much easier!

Which is surely a bonus for the thirty pence extra cost of the beans.

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A Small Cooking Spoon I Can Hang Up

There are two types,. of designers in the world; those like Kenneth Grange, who will never accept second best and then their are all the others.

I strive for perfection and only accept second best, when the best is impossible.

These pictures show my quest for a small cooking spoon that I can hang above my cooker. Where else is there to put the tools, you use to actually cook the food as opposed to prepare it.

My mother had a small wooden spoon, that was always used to stir beans or in a small milk saucepan.

I have been looking for one for myself for about ten years now and I’ve never found one, quite small enough.

I did find the red spoon, shown in the first picture, in John Lewis and I use it a lot. A small one like it, in blue, would be ideal, as it fits the IKEA hooks above my cooker.

So I decided to make it possible to hang the smallest wooden spoon, I’ve got alongside.

I just drilled a hole in it, with my trusty pocket drill and attached a cable clip.

It seems to work.

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A Barbecue In The Snow

I’m not generally a lover of barbecues, as I’m not a lover of burned underdone meat. But in my time, I’ve had a few good ones, where a whole animal has been properly spit-roasted.

  • At University in Liverpool, during Panto Week, a team roasted an ox on the steps of St. George’s Hall. It had one of those tastes that you’ll remember for ever.
  • A farmer, once roasted a pig for members of Ipswich Flying Club.
  • Once, we were driving back from Crete to London through Yugoslavia and when we stopped for petrol, found that a sheep was being roasted in a service station. It gave a whole new meaning to motorway food.

When it was suggested there would be a barbecue in the snow, it was something I could take or leave, but my heart rose, when I saw that a wikd boar was going to be spit roasted.

I’ve had wild boar in the past and on most ocassions, it would have been better, if it had gone through a food processor first, but this method of cooking brought the meat to the same sort of tenderness and quality of previous experiences of spit roasting.

So don’t ask me to a barbecue unless you’re spit roasting a whole animal.

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Improvising A Utensil Rack

I use a set of utensils from Joseph Joseph which sit on a carousel. The trouble is they take up space in my small kitchen, so I thought I might put them on the side of one of my new wall cabinets above the cooker. In the end I took an IKEA Grundtal rail, but as it was too long, I shortened it and supported it from one end.

Obviously the end on the brick wall will have to be fixed and tomorrow, I’ll be going to a well-known DIY store to get the bits to create the fitting.

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A Rack For Le Creuset Dishes

I have a selection of smaller Le Creuset dishes; in both 1.1 an 0.6 litre sizes.

They have a problem in that they don’t stack well. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, one pole fell onto one of the 1.1 litre dishes and reduced it to several smaller pieces.

I then found this Variera pot lid organiser in IKEA at just £5. Which is less than a replacement dish!

It certainly did the job, even if they are not pot lids.

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Variations On Mary Berry’s Salmon

I cook Mary Berry’s salmon with parmesan crust regularly. If I’ve had one problem, it’s the cream cheese that seems to go mouldy quickly, so I waste a lot, as you don’t need one, when cooking for one.

Recently, I’ve started to cook the dish with this M & S Welsh Goat’s Cheese.

M & S Welsh Goat's Cheese

M & S Welsh Goat’s Cheese

I’ve also started to use their Loch Fyne boneless and skinless salmon.

I’ve also started cooking two small steaks and having one a couple of days later, as they keep well in the fridge.

Mary Berry's Salmon With Potatoes And Tomatoes

Mary Berry’s Salmon With Potatoes And Tomatoes

I do like boiled new potatoes and quality tomatoes.

This picture shows a section through the salmon.

A Sectio Through The Salmon

A Sectio Through The Salmon

It almost has a cake-like texture,

Marks and Spencer do a boned and skinned salmon joint, which I’ll be trying, either hot or cold for a party.



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Nigella Seeds In Waitrose

I took this picture in the spice section of my local Waitrose.

Nigella Seeds In Waitrose

Nigella Seeds In Waitrose

Are these the reason, that the celebrity cookery writer and television presenter has grown some good-sized melons?

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Every Home Should Have One!

A few months ago, I bought a Le Creuset shallow casserole.

I use it all the time and last night, I used it to cook a chilli con carne.

It just seems to be the right size and shape for a double portion of everything.

The only problem, is that at times, it can be a devil to clean.

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Two Knives From Sheffield At John Lewis

My kitchen knives are rather elderly and blunt, despite proper sharpening, so I thought I’d treat myself to some new ones from John Lewis.

Two Knives From Sheffield At John Lewis

Two Knives From Sheffield At John Lewis

Made in Sheffield, as knives should be! Just like my Sheba cutlery was in the 1960s

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