The Anonymous Widower

The Olympic Legacy

Everybody seems to be complaining that there won’t be any Olympic Legacy. I’ve just had this e-mail read out on Radio 5.

Just compare Manchester after the Commonwealth Games,  Sheffield after the World Student Games and Liverpool after the City of Culture with Athens after the Olympics and Montreal after the Olympics.

 You can’t say  we don’t do legacy.  We do it very well!

I could have added, where’s the legacy in Atlanta and my physio from Queensland, doesn’t think there was much legacy after Sydney.

London’s biggest legacy will be the Olympic Park.  And no-one who’s ever been over just a few of the UK’s big parks, could not agree that we do parks well. So just as Victoria Park and Hampstead Heath became London’s lungs nearly two centuries ago, the Olympic Park will be London’s park for the 22nd Century.

It’s a pity though London  has got no superlambananas or equivalent. They may be rather trivial, but Liverpudlians love them.

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