The Anonymous Widower

I’ve Got a Pet

But it’s only a mus musculus in the kitchen.  Cheeky sod!

I think it’s more humane to trap them live and then take them to a research institute, so they can benefit all life.

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Consequences of the BBC’s Stupid Move to Salford

Obviously we’re going to get a lot more inconsequential phone-ins based on Manchester, because of the BBC’s stupid move to Salford. Today’s was about Manchester City, who aren’t even the best team in Manchester and their rather immature player; Mario Ballotelli.

To be fair too, Manchester is probably not even the third English city after London and Liverpool.

Can you imagine French radio moving its flagship breakfast program to Lyon from Paris?

Let’s get rid of this sillyness and bring Radio 5 back to London!

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The Things People Say

The BBC weather girl; Carol Kirkwood, was comparing this Easter weather with last.

She said that last year it was so hot, she only wore a T-shirt in her garden.


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The Bank Holiday is Not Good for Zopa Lenders

I’ve just looked at my Zopa statistics over the Bank Holiday weekend and the amount of money requested by borrowers has dropped by nearly 20% since Thursday.  A similar thing happened last year, but in the last part of the Bank Holiday week borrowers returned to finance those cars and other goods they’d seen over the weekend.

Lenders seem to have kept up their funds in Zopa.

So perhaps now might be a good time to borrow from Zopa, as there is plenty of funds available.

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