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Seeing the Physio for my Vertigo

I went to see the physio today for my benign positional vertigo.

She examined me and then used an Epley manouver to move the crystals in my inner ear.

She also showed me something called a Brandt-Daroff exercise, that I can do myself.

Let’s hope it all goes well.

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A Second New Bus for London is Spotted

Tonight I spotted a second New Bus for London in the Balls Pond Road.

A Second New Bus for London

It appears to be numbered as LT6.

They all appear to have registration numbers starting with LT

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A Big Spelling Mistake

I photographed this in a shop window in the Kingsland Road.

A Big Spelling Mistake

I thought spelling mistakes like this on products were a thing of the past.

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Boiler Room Scammers Boiled

I like this story. Let’s hope these three don’t ever get out of jail to fleece people of their money.

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The Death of the Flannel

The Daily Mail amongst other media, is reporting that we’re not buying flannels any more.  The BBC drive program is making great fun of their demise, with various jokes being sent in. Some of course are saying that flannels are towels for diminutive people, like the presenter, Peter Allen. Others are sending in jokes. One just said.

I have two flannels; one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

I can’t actually remember any flannels in my house for many years.  I think we got rid of the last ones when the children left home.  When I changed all my towels for the new house, I didn’t find any flannels to throw out. I think C used one of the last ones to clean out our first basset hounds ears.

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Is It Hire a Frog Week?

I think that the result of the French Presidential Election and the subsequent uncertainy may mean that a lot of high-grade people working in France decide to hop-on the Eurostar and get a job in England.

Personally, I am pleased I no longer own the house in Antibes, as I suspect if some of the candidates win on May 6th, I’d have a lot more taxes to pay.

I checked with my stockbroker this morning, and he said that French bonds are at least holding up, but that is not what can be said for Spanish ones.

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